Wisdom Teeth Removal
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Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Causing You Problems?

Wisdom teeth can be found at the end of the upper/lower gums. You usually have 4 wisdom teeth, but in some cases you can have less or more. The dental medical term to describe these teeth are: third molars. Your wisdom teeth are the very last to come through and generally grow through the gums between the ages of 17-25, but they can also come at a younger/older age too.

By the time your wisdom teeth come through you will have had the other 28 adult teeth. If you still have all of your 28 teeth before the wisdom teeth start to erupt, there can be a chance of complications due to not all mouths being able to accommodate the full 32 teeth anymore.

As wisdom teeth start to grow through they can often become obstructed by the lack of space in your mouth due to your other teeth. This can cause them to grow at an angle, in the wrong place, or even just partially appear. This is known as an impacted wisdom tooth.

David Cowell

Fantastic dentist , managed to fit me in same day and extract wisdom tooth that previous dentist had made a real mess of . So happy and pain free at last .

Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth Bad?

Impacted teeth can cause health problems and pain, which may require them to be removed. Please Note: Not all impacted wisdom teeth will need to be removed (it is case dependent). Depending how the teeth grow through, there are four different types of impacted wisdom teeth:

Vertical Impaction

The tooth grows straight down and gets stuck against the next tooth

Angular (mesial) Impaction

The tooth comes out at an angle facing the front of the mouth

Horizontal Impaction

The tooth comes out horizontally and pushes straight against the next tooth’s root

Distal Impaction

The tooth grows away from the tooth next to it and becomes lodge in an incorrect position

Do I Need to Have My
Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Your wisdom teeth may need to be removed if:

  • They are causing pain and discomfort
  • They are only partially emerged, as this can increase the likelihood off infections
  • Unerupted wisdom teeth are very likely to come out crooked and damage your other teeth
  • Cysts can develop around unerupted wisdom teeth which may damage any surrounding bone or tissue

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Jignesh is another happy Ascent patient whose life has been changed by exceptional care from the implant team here at Ascent.

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