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My Damon Braces Story

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My Braces Story

"My Perfect Wedding"

Preparing for my big day – Kelli’s Wedding

Kelli Hopton is our patient co-ordinator at our sister practice, Hereford Dental Clinic.

This is Kelli’s story on her experience with damon clear braces which was treated by Dr Gursh Bajwa.

My Braces Story

For as long as I can remember, my dream was always to have straight perfect teeth and I remember from when I was a child my mum taking me to see my then dentist to discuss orthodontic treatments. Every visit we were told the same thing that my case was purely cosmetic and I would need to learn to live and love my teeth how they were. I’ve never been overly self conscious about how I look when I smile, but as I aged and started to work for a dentist, I started to feel more and more embarrassed about how my teeth looked. My teeth made me appear much younger and as I entered adult hood, I faced a tough situation as I really wanted my teeth to be beautiful and straight, but I really was worried about having braces as an adult!

In 2008 I met my now husband who proposed to me in late 2011. When I started working at Hereford Dental Clinic I really started to get the idea of having my teeth corrected for my wedding, but I had left it really late to make this decision and was worried that it wouldn’t be done in time. Luckily, Dr Gursh Bajwa was adamant he would get me my dream smile in time for my big day! So I finally decided to take the plunge into having braces, I was very apprehensive and nervous at first, especially the idea of having to wear fixed braces.

I was treated with Damon Clear brace in June 2010. It was very surprising at how fast I started to notice the results and it was truly a very gentle and pain free brace! Initially Gursh fitted the upper arch so I was able grow accustomed to the feeling of having a brace, which was shortly followed 2 weeks after with the lower arch. I found this extremely helpful as I knew what to expect and to feel. I remember as soon as I had the braces on I raced to a mirror to see how they looked, I was so happy to see that they were very small and discrete – my husband didn’t even realise I had them on!

Everyday I see and speak to patients and I was concerned that the braces would affect how I talked, however after a couple of hours I was soon used to the feeling and was able to talk normally again.

For the first few days after I had the braces bonded onto my teeth, I was finding eating as a challenge. But this was mainly down to my fear that I would accidentally damage the braces or brackets as they were so small. Due to this, I initially cut out anything that was sticky or too hard and made sure to chew very carefully. As I become even more accustomed to my braces, I resumed eating the usual foods again.
During the treatment I did occasionally experience some slight discomfort but I really struggle to remember the exact feeling so it cannot of been too bad! I found that if I did feel a bit too much pressure, I would swill ice cold water around which would quickly alleviate any feeling. My sights were set on the end results and I couldn’t stop thinking at how amazing it will be to have a perfectly straight smile, that I could really be proud of, and especially for my wedding. As the treatment progressed I started to see my teeth rest in their new position which really made me smile – I never thought I would of smile so much when I was wearing braces!

Finally after 13 months of a painless treatment, my braces were removed, and I still had 1 month before I was getting married. I couldn’t stop crying with tears of happiness as my teeth looked perfect and exactly how I wanted them to be. This was completely worth it and this was the first time I had ever felt beautiful!

I remember one of the first foods I ate without my braces was an apple and it really did feel strange at first, but that was because I had to become used to not wearing braces again. Immediately after having my teeth straightened I started to whiten them as well. It was really nice as patients started to comment on how lovely my teeth looked which really made me smile more. A lot of the patients saw me throughout my own treatment and I think it even helped the more nervous patients as they could see I was going through the same feelings and experience, and they could truly speak to me about how they were feeling with their own braces.

My big day shortly came around after my treatment and not only was it my wedding, but it was the first time many of my friends and family saw my new smile. They were amazed and shocked by how much I had changed and how it was all down to simply having my teeth straightened. Many of the guests were asking me where I had my teeth treated and It was quite surprising to see how many people actually need to have braces but all fall into the unfortunate trap I had entered, of being an adult but wanting braces. I look back at my wedding photos and I am so happy I decided to take this step and I couldn’t be happier with my smile!

I would definitely recommend having braces if you need them as they will truly make a magnificent impact on your life like they did mine!


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