Same Day Teeth Implants
in Solihull

Dental Implants in
Just One Day!

Same day teeth and same day smiles are both terms that have been used to describe this exciting dental implants treatment that allows you to have a new and beautiful smile in just one day!

Alison-Frances McKnight

I had my two front crowns taken out and replaced with implants and a further crown fitted by Faresh and have nothing but praise for the whole team. The Surgery is welcoming and peaceful and the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Faresh is not only extremely skilled in the mechanical and surgical sides of dentistry, he also has an excellent chair-side manner and makes you relaxed and confident. The process was long and at times painful but the treatment and support was first rate and the result was worth it. I am a very satisfied and happily smiling customer!! Thank you Ascent Dental


Low Bone Density?

Faresh Desai on Zygomatic implants—a revolutionary treatment for patients with low jaw bone density or severe bone loss.

Better than the Real Thing?

Here’s Ascent principal dentist Faresh Desai with implant patient Faith on how implants can be literally life-changing.

Am I Suitable for Same Day Teeth Implants?

You may be suitable for this treatment if you:

  • Have loose and uncomfortable dentures which affect the quality of your life
  • Have severe tooth loss
  • Have loose teeth requiring extracting and dental bridges/crowns that are failing
Stephen Allard

I have been visiting Ascent Dental for a year now as I required an implant to one of my front teeth. I have been treated by Dr Faresh Desai and I have found him to be very skilled technically and someone who has extremely high standards with regard to his treatment and the appearance of the finnished product. I would recommend him and his team, who are all very friendly and efficient. Before choosing Ascent Dental I explored a number of other dentist who all came up short with regard to my expectations, but Faresh has met all of them and as such I have now had a second implant.

What is the Same Day
Teeth Treatment Process?

Step 1

Insertion of Implants

Step 2

Securing of Multi-Unit Abutments

Step 3

Securing of Provisional Prothesis
With Prosthetic Screws

Before & After

Replaced Upper and Lower Dentures
With Implants

Patient was unhappy with the upper and lower dentures and appearance of their teeth. Implants were placed in the upper and lower jaws and temporary fixed teeth provided on the day. After the implants had healed the final fixed bridges were fitted.

Replaced Upper and Lower Dentures
With Implants

Patient was unhappy with their loose fitting upper and lower denture and wanted to restore confidence and their ability to eat certain foods. Implants were placed in the upper and lower jaw using the same day teeth protocol and new teeth where placed on the same day to replace the loose dentures.

Video testimonials


Smiling After 40 Years

Fear of the dentist meant Steve waited 40 years to get the vital treatment he needed. Full upper and lower implants have restored Steve’s confidence—and his faith in dentistry.


Adrian’s Over The Moon!

Like many implant patients, Adrian was living with severe dental pain when he came to see Faresh and the Ascent team. He says implants were a huge confidence boost!

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