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What Are Retainers?

The retainer is a form of brace used after the treatment of straightening your teeth. These are normally made of wires or metal/plastic. They help the bones of the mouth to preserve the final changes after the initial treatment. After any dental surgery or orthodontic procedure, the bones and gums take some time to adjust to the final position. If the retainers are not used after the treatment, the bone tries to adjust back to the original position and the teeth alignment may relapse back to the pre-treatment position. To avoid this relapsing, retainers are used. The patients will need to wear them for the majority of the day to achieve the best results. The retainers we offer are Bonded retainers, Removable retainers and Vivera Retainers.

Preith Kaur

Excellent customer service, the team really looked after me, answered all my questions, explained what was going on in my appointment. I made some enquiries for teeth alignment and they were fab, gave me all the information I needed. Highly recommend Ascent to anyone, particularly, if like me, you get nervous about a visit to the dentist!!

Removable Retainers

The most common type of retainers are removable. Although it is easier to clean your mouth and keep your retainers clean, it does become a bit of a hassle with having to remove them before meals. This also encourages a misplacement of the retainers and replacements can be costly. Another issue that may arise with removable retainers is that their structure may distort, causing your teeth to alter. Regular checkups will be required to prevent such things from happening. Various types of removable retainers are:

  • Hawley retainer
  • Vacuum formed retainer
  • Thermo formed retainer
Gabrielle Pond-Baker

I’ve had a few visits over the last few years for specific work. Everyone is very kind and courteous. I have always had each stage of treatment explained at the start so there were never any nasty surprises. I would happily recommend Ascent it is a caring practice.

How Much Do Retainers Cost?

The retainers will be covered in your orthodontic braces treatment and there will be no retainer costs to maintain your new smile (vivera retainers are not included in this). With some of our treatment plans, you will receive an additional retainer in case you misplace the original. Should you find that you have lost your retainer and need a replacement, please give us a call today (extra charges may apply).

Types of Retainers


Vivera Retainers

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Confidence Restored

Orthodontic relapse was beginning to make Sofia feel self-conscious. She says the support and advice she received at Ascent helped everything make sense.


Love-Lee Smiles

Lee connected with Ascent Dental following a recommendation from a friend. Combined orthodontic and implant treatment helped Lee lose his fear of the dentist and discover a winning smile!

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