Periodontal (Gum) Disease
in Solihull

Inflamed, Irritated, Bleeding Gums – Signs of Gum Disease

Periodontal is the term used to describe a disease that affects your gums and surrounding tissue, and is quite often simply referred to as “gum disease”.

Alison Jayne

I discovered the one clinic whilst searching periodontal treatments in my area on google…I felt no pain just a small amount of discomfort, he reassured me throughout in a professional and caring manner….The caring and considerate attitude of all involved showed that they cared for my dental health past present and future. I asked about future treatments, and DR Nissen advised me according to my needs .At no point, did I feel that the costs involved were the main aim but that his genuine concern was to help me gain control of my dental health.

What is Periodontitis?

If gum disease is left untreated it will eventually turn into an advanced case of the disease which is called Periodontitis. Periodontitis means “inflammation around the tooth” and can lead to teeth falling out. At this stage of the disease you can expect more symptoms:

  • Loose Teeth
  • Bad Breath/Taste
  • Gum Abscesses
  • Trouble Swallowing
  • Gums Receding
  • Excessive Saliva

At this advanced stage your body has a natural reaction for the gums to recede away from the infected teeth, causing them to become loose and eventually fall out (if left untreated). The bacteria can spread along your gum causing this reaction on all your teeth, which could potentially leave you with no remaining natural teeth left. The infection will also attack your bone that supports your teeth, and can cause bone loss of the jaw, causing further complications down the line with treatments you may want to have e.g. dentures and dental implants.

Aga Elliott

I would like to say big thank you for an amazing Dr Aneka and the entire team of Ascent Dental for their support in my journey to achieve my dream smile, you have really changed my life and made me the happiest person in the world!..

What Causes Gum Disease?

  • Bacteria (plaque) that builds up on your teeth
  • Built up bacteria (plaque) will then eventually become a hard substance called tartar (calculus)
  • This hard substance will irritate your gums, causing them to bleed and for you to experience other symptoms
  • The longer tartar is left untreated, it will eventually progress into advanced Periodontitis and your teeth can start to become loose and fall out

Once you have tartar on your teeth you will not be able to remove it with conventional brushing and you will require a professional dental hygienist visit where they will be able to use the professional tools to safely remove it.


Meet Mo

Mo is our resident specialist endodontist—a gum health expert who works tirelessly to help our patients fight gum disease and stay in tip-top condition.

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Ever wondered what instruments dentists use to perform routine examinations? Naresh explains…

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