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Partial dentures, as the name suggests, are dentures used to bridge the gap between teeth in a part of the mouth. The method of attachment of the dentures to the existing teeth differs from denture to denture. The material of the denture also varies. You will be given a particular partial denture depending upon your personal needs and the dental hygiene of your mouth.

One method of fixation of the dentures is using clasps, which hook onto existing teeth on either side of the gap. These are usually not very well fitted and can loosen easily. The more precise and snug dentures are, the more they will cost. However, the better a denture fits in your mouth, the easier it is for you to go about your daily activities and the less you have to worry about the dentures falling out or shifting while you have them on. The bridge denture is a fixed partial denture, which uses the adjacent teeth to bridge the gap. The teeth on either side are ground slightly to make room for the crowns that will be fitted into them to hold the replacement teeth in the form. Partial dentures can be made with different materials, such as acrylic or metal. The metal dentures are much more durable, comfortable and natural looking than the acrylic denture.

Hazel Williams

Brilliant , professional, competent & thoroughly deserved of a Top rate review. I have had a denture implant which is so comfortable & looks just stunning. The care and precision taken by Dr Faresh Desai, his wonderful team & technicians has been outstanding. Now I am having crowns & a partial denture so am qualified to leave a 5 Star plus review. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Denture Hygiene

It is imperative to be cautious about the hygiene of your denture in the same way as you were about your normal oral hygiene. Daily cleaning of the denture is necessary. Denture specific cleansers are available and must be used to keep the dentures clean. Precautions should be taken to prevent the dentures from falling. Dentures can easily break and/or chip. Place a towel underneath the dentures when you are cleaning them and place them in a container when they are not in use. At night, put your dentures in water. It is necessary to keep them moist at all times.

Natalie Holman

Fantastic dental practice with brilliant staff. Each and every team member makes you feel welcome and they are all extremely helpful and polite. I enjoy my visits here and I’m always made to feel comfortable, which is important when visiting the dentist. I highly recommend the practice.

Before & After


Treatment of this patients gum diesase was completed by our specialist. The lower incisor teeth were extracted due to their poor condition. The smile was restored with a removable denture.


Patient presented with many missing teeth. The remaining loose teeth were removed and temporary denture fitted immediately. Final dentures were fitted giving a natural smile.

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Everything’s Fine!

Regular checkups from our general dental team have left David looking and feeling great.


Couldn’t Fault Them!

Another appointment with Arum assures Mike will stay in tip-top long-term health, with many more years of healthy smiles to come!

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