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We are registering new patients

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If you are interested in registering with our practice please either call us or fill out the short form below.
For a new patient examination it will cost £68.00 after this an examination will cost you £51.00.
Our scale and polish prices are £63.00 and we can also offer a more advanced airflow jet polish for £109.00.
To maintain your oral health and to help prevent you from developing conditions such as gum disease, it is recommended to have at least:

2 examinations a year
2 scale and polish visits a year (to effectively reduce the build up of plaque that everyday brushes cannot remove)
2 small dental xrays to be carried out every 2 years (£10.00 each)

How much would this cost me?

If you went for the recommended amount of visits it would cost you £102 for the check ups and £126.00 for the scale and polish visits with a total of £228.00 a year.

How can I make regular dental health care more affordable?

We have five levels of dental plans that include the basic levels of examinations and scale and polish for:

*£95.88 a year (£7.99 a month) – Preventative Plan (1 examination, 1 hygiene visit and small x-rays)
*£179.88 a year (£14.99 a month) – Maintenance Plan (2 examinations, 2 hygiene visits and small x-rays)
*£299.88 a year (£24.99 a month) – Periodontal Care Plan (2 examinations, 4 hygiene visits and small x-rays)
*£47.88 a year (£3.99 a month) – Happy Smile Children's Maintenance Plan (2 examinations, fissure sealants and small x-rays)
*£126.00 a year (£10.50 a month) – Maintenance Plan (2 extended hygiene appointments)

(*The plans also includes a 10% discount on most additional treatments and worldwide accident and emergency cover – Please ask us for more details)


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