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What are Vivera retainers?

Vivera retainers are removable retainers that are used after the normal orthodontic treatment has completed. They are used to keep the teeth in their new straight position. Sometimes when there have been major changes in the structure of the teeth, they may begin to shift if not held in place. The tendency among teeth is that they go back to the pre-treatment position. In order to avoid this, various forms of retainers are available for use. The Vivera retainers are one of them. They are made of thermoplastic material and work well for many orthodontic patients in need of a retainer.

What makes Vivera so different?

Many patients complain of their retainers losing their shape and find that they no longer have the effect on their teeth that they once used to. Retainers have a tendency to alter over time. However, with the Vivera retainers, you will not encounter this issue. The Vivera retainers are 30% stronger than other retainers. This gives the Vivera retainers a special advantage over other retainers, as they have the desired properties needed to retain the teeth in their treated position. The additional advantages are:

Four sets of retainers which can be used alternately
These retainers are made of stronger material than the rest of the retainers
This system allows the retention on patient’s dentition to be stored digitally for future use

Instead of having to wait weeks for your retainer to be made, using the state of the art technology, Vivera retainers are quickly made available to the patient. You won’t have to make frequent visits to the dentist to simply be fitted for a retainer. Once we obtain the impression required, the data is stored in the system. Replacement retainers can be shipped to your doorstep whenever the need may arise.

How they are made

Using 3D imaging and top quality materials, the Vivera retainer has an advantage over other common retainers. Its thermoplastic body ensures that the teeth fit snugly into the retainer. Thermoplastic materials ensure its strength and durability over time.

How much does a Vivera retainer cost?

Vivera retainers start from the low price of only £195. Call us now to arrange your free consultation today!

Please note: Standard retainers are included in the cost of your chosen orthodontic treatment.


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