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What is Simpli5?

Simpli5 is an aligner system used for minor disturbances in the alignment of the teeth. This is not for aggravated cases. The aligners are used for common abnormalities like crowding and spacing of the teeth.

When is Simpli5 an ideal treatment?

For minor and medium problems of crowding and spacing
Can be used as a replacement of orthodontic measures such as braces
It is ideal for front teeth as it is invisible
It can be used for both upper and lower jaws

What is the Simpli5 treatment plan?

During the initial consultation appointment, the dentist will discuss your issues with you and possible treatment plans. If the dentist finds that Simpli5 will correct the issues you are suffering from, an impression of your teeth will be taken. This will be sent out to have a customized retainer made for you, which will be available after a couple of weeks. A series of trays are then made. Each one can be worn for 3 to 4 weeks. The majority of Simpli5 cases can be completed within 5 months!

Is Simpli5 for me?

There are various advantages of the Simpli5 aligner. If after consulting with your dentist you find that this treatment will work for you, there is no need to hesitate any further. If you are suffering from a common problem such as crowing in your mouth, Simpli5 will give you the relief you need in an easy and efficient treatment plan. It is also about 20% cheaper than the rest of the aligners. Its affordability and versatility makes it an ideal option for many patients.

Simpli5 are also very easy to remove and can be removed quickly right before a meal. Keeping them clean is no hassle. A simple rinse will do the trick if you clean them on a daily basis. The Simpli5 retainer will not create any problems in your speech nor will it be visible when you smile! You can go about your daily activities without having to worry about your aligners interfering.

How much will it cost for the Simpli 5 treatment?

As Simpli 5 is a faster treatment for minor cases, it will also be more cost effective and affordable, with prices starting from £1250 (case dependent). Call our office today to book your free consultation and to discuss payment options we have available for our patients. If required, financing plans are also available (subject to a credit check).

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