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What Is The Quick Straight Teeth System?

Quick Straight Teeth are the latest invisible brace technology that offers you a very discrete and comfortable way to quickly straighten and align your teeth.

Why Would I want Quick Straight Teeth?

The main benefits associated with this system are:

Fast and excellent results that can even be seen as quickly as 4-16 weeks
Comfortable and clear, virtually invisible removable trays
Suitable for patients of all ages
Very minimal effect on dietary/speech restrictions
Gentle stages of teeth movements that will be easily adapted to your lifestyle
Represents good value for money

Whats Included In The Quick Straight Teeth System?

Unlike most systems this treatment involves a programme of appliances that can be used singularly or in a combination to deliver the desired results to the patient. There are 5 appliances in this programme:


This appliance is called the Q100 and is a individually crafted clear/invisible removable tray that will gently and gradually aligns your teeth.


The second appliance is called the Q200 and is quite similar to the Q100. The main difference being is that it has an added powerchain on the front of the tray. This powerchain is made out of elastic and is also clear like the tray. The added benefit over the Q100 is the added gentle force applied by the powerchain which focuses on moving the front teeth.


This is the flagship appliance in this systems range. All the best features from the range have been used to create the Q500. As well as having the powerchain, it also has the Q spring that focuses on aligning the front teeth forward.
The Q500 was designed to provide much faster results than you can achieve with a treatment that uses aligners.


This is a hybrid of the Q500 appliance. The biggest difference with the Q300 is the use of a adams clasp. The adams clasp is used for retention and works by clipping onto the undercuts of a molar/premolar tooth. The reason behind this slight alteration is because in some cases your clinician may want your occlusal surfaces (the surface that touches the opposing tooth in your jaw) to not be covered.


This appliance is again a slight variation of the Q500 (another hybrid). The main difference added on to this device is the molar bands which are used for retention. In some cases patients may want the Q500 but may not be a suitable candidate for them. This was developed for those patients so they can still experience the benefits of the Q500.

Q Retainer

Once your teeth have been straightened with the quick straight teeth system, it is important to maintain these results with a retainer. The Q retainer has been developed to work in conjunction with a bonded retainer that will enhance the retention strength down a patients midline.

Is This The System For Me?

There are many different conditions that may require braces to be treated by. We offer an extensive range of systems to meet your individual needs.
Call us today to arrange your free consultation. We will be able to discuss all your suitable options in detail and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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