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What Are Magic Aligners?

Magic aligners, also known as BracketSAR, are the latest orthodontic removable brace which uses Multibracket techniques for comfort and precision. Not only will you have your teeth straightened, but the aligners will blend in with your teeth for a natural and aesthetically pleasing look!

What Makes This Aligner So Different?

The biggest problems associated with orthodontic aligner systems is the fact that they tend to take longer than their metal counterparts to straighten teeth. This is because they don’t have the power of archwires to help speed up the overall teeth straightening process.
However, with Magic Aligners, they combine the best of both worlds, by having a clear removable aligner which also has a strong archwire which will speed up treatment times!

Is This System Suitable For me?

Magic Aligners can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic conditions:

Dental Crowding – The Magic Aligners can be used to treat teeth crowding problems. The patient will have to wear them for 75% of the time each day and can remove them to play any contact sports, when eating or drinking, or if attending a social occasion to avoid any embarrassment.

Teeth Alignment – If the patient is suffering from teeth with different crowding degrees, the Magic Aligner could be a suitable treatment at addressing this condition. The aligners would need to be worn for at least 75% of the day and could be removed for social occasions, sport and eating.

Rotations/Displacements – The Magic Aligner can be used to treat rotations and forward/back displacements (teeth out of normal position)

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