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What is The I7?

Invisalign I7 is the latest treatment in the Invisalign family. This particular version of invisalign has been developed for very minor cases that requires minor tooth movements. Results can be as quick as 3 months and could be the ideal treatment for that slight imperfection of your smile that you have always wanted to correct!

Do I Qualify For The I7?

This Invisalign treatment is aimed at very minor cases so not everybody will be a suitable candidate. We would need to see you first for a free consultation to asses if you can qualify for this treatment. Both adults and teenagers could be suitable for the I7.
If you have had braces in the past and have noticed that your teeth have started to shift again, the I7 may be a suitable treatment for you.

How Does The I7 Work?

The I7 is very similar to how the other Invisalign treatments work. The I7 uses a series of aligners that have been designed to slowly move your teeth into place by applying pressure on certain teeth at different times. Each series of aligners will be worn for roughly 2 weeks at a time before the next set in the series is due to be worn. You will see a gradual improvement of your teeth each week as they are gently straightened.
The I7 is the simple option in the invisalign line to correct very minor movement in quicker periods of time.

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