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What Is Simply Smile?

Simply smile are a new orthodontic system which utilises strong clear ceramic brackets with tooth coloured wires for a more discrete, but effective teeth straightening treatment.

Why Would You Want Simply Smile?

This system has been designed for just the front 6 teeth rather than addressing your bite and back teeth. Simply smile are a cosmetic brace that focuses on giving you a beautiful looking smile, which also means for shorter treatment times compared to traditional braces.
Simply Smile can be used for many different type of problems, such as:

Crooked teeth
Alignment along gum line
Gappy teeth
Flared (slanted) teeth

Wired Orthadontics

How Does Simply Smile Work?

Unlike traditional braces, Simply Smile uses gentle light forces to comfortably straighten your teeth. Simply Smile still uses some traditional orthodontic techniques, but many of them have been modified to improve the overall effectiveness and comfort for the patient during treatment.

Simply Smile FAQ

Q1. Is the brace invisible?

The brace is made out of a clear ceramic which blends in with your natural tooth colour. Even though this is a very discrete option, the braces will be slightly visible. We do offer lingual braces that sit behind the teeth for a truly invisible treatment!

Q2. Is there any food that I should avoid eating?

Like all orthodontic treatments, it is recommended to try and stick with a healthy diet, which avoids high in sugar foods and drinks, as well as any hard crunchy foods that could possibly damage your brace.

Q3. Why Are Treatments Quicker Than Other Braces?

This brace has been designed to solely focus on improving the look of your smile rather than the bite (which can take 18-24 months).

Q4. Will My Teeth Remain Straight After Having Simply Smile?

After you have had any braces (traditional or modern), it is recommended to wear a retainer on your teeth. This is because you could suffer an orthodontic relapse, which see’s your teeth return to their original position. As well as removable retainers, we offer bonded retainers that are fixed to the backs of your teeth (making them very discrete).


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