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What Is a Secret Smile?

Secret Smile is a new modern orthodontic system that fits the brace to the back of your teeth. This type of brace is often referred as Lingual. Because they are on the backs of the teeth, they are completely invisible!
This is a very popular choice for celebrities, people who work in a very interactive environment, and those who have busy social lifestyles.

Why Would You Want a Secret Smile?

Having your teeth straightened at any age can be an unenjoyable experience. The fear of other peoples views and expectations can cause a lot of stress in people. Secret Smile are a perfect invisible treatment that gives you the results you want, but without having to wear visible, bulky, metal braces!


This type of lingual brace has also been designed to just straighten your front six teeth rather than treat the whole bite and back teeth as well. This is so it focuses on giving you a cosmetically beautiful smile without having to undergo long treatment times (which can be 18-24 months for the bite).

Will Secret Smile Be Suitable For Me?

There are many different problems that can be treated by Secret Smile. Some of these include:

Correcting crooked/wonky teeth
Ensuring your teeth align along the gum line (nice even smiles)
Treating slanted teeth (often caused by thumbsucking)
Closing gaps

How Will Secret Smile Work?

With modern advances in the orthodontic market, it is now possible to gently straighten teeth using modified techniques. This makes treatments a lot more comfortable for patients and they can experience faster results!

Secret Smile FAQ

Are the braces invisible?

Yes. The teeth will be securely and comfortably fitted on the back of your teeth, which makes them completely invisible.

Is there any food that I should avoid eating?

We recommend that during your treatment you try and stick to a healthy diet, that avoids any sugary foods/drinks and any hard crunchy foods, as they can damage your brace.

Why are treatments quicker?

This brace just focuses on improving your visible smile rather than correcting your bite as well. This significantly reduces the overall treatment time.

Will my teeth remain straight after treatment?

Like having any other brace, it is of utmost importance to wear retainers after having braces. This is so you don’t suffer a relapse which undoes all the good work of the brace. We have invisible retainers as well, which are bonded on the backs of your teeth.


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