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Dany Coated Archwire

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What is an Archwire?

An archwire is used when straightening your teeth with an orthdontic system. Please note, that not all systems will use an archwire. For systems that do require an archwire e.g 6 month smiles, damon braces etc, the archwire is the feature that applies pressure to the brace to gently straighten your teeth.

What is a Dany Coated Archwire?

Dany are a Bio Medical Tech company which have designed and developed an advanced type of archwire that solves many weaknesses associated with standard archwires.
One of the main problems patients may experience with these standard archwires is the discoloration of the wire when eating certain foods (currys, dark sauces etc) or drinking certain drinks (red wine, coffee etc). This is especially problematic if the patient has chosen tooth colored wires for a discrete treatment.
However, Dany have developed a special Coated Archwire which will prevent any discoloration during treatment. They have achieved this through a FDA approved non-toxic green polymer chemistry coating.

Are There Any Other Benefits of This Archwire?

They will also provide the following benefits:

Long duration coating
No peeling off
No fragmentizing
Low Coefficient of friction (another major weakness of traditional archwires – high friction)

How Safe is The Material Used in This Archwire?

The material used to create this archwire is also used in the coating on artificial hearts put in people (for permanent use). This has been approved by the FDA (class 4) which is the highest level of approval needed, and the toughest to achieve. Other uses of this material can be found in needles and catheters.

Can This Archwire be Used With my Orthodontic Treatment?

Depending on the treatment you decide to go ahead with, this may not be an applicable option as not all orthodontic systems use Archwires. At the free consultation your dentist will happily discuss all available options to your case. (certain systems are better equipped at treating different problems)

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