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What is A.L.F Therapy?

A.L.F stands for Advanced Lightwire Functional. It is an appliance used by patients to eliminate multiple issues with their teeth, such as disoriented teeth and over/under bite. It was invented by Dr. Derrick Nordstrom.

This modern device uses the muscle action in order to produce orthodontic force. With the help of this device various problems other than dental problems can also be treated. Complications such as deafness, speech issues, fatigue, headaches and shoulder pains have been cured by such functional devices. More and more people are starting to understand that the alignment of the teeth is not just a cosmetic issue.

The benefits

It can improve the bite by aligning the teeth
It is completely discrete as it is worn on the inner side of the teeth
It is much more comfortable and effective as compared to the traditional braces, as it works on bones and muscles along with aligning the teeth
In this treatment, there is little to no pain as the movement of teeth is very slow and it works on bones and muscles also
The device is removable and therefore, very easy to maintain the oral hygiene
It is much more stable than other braces
It can treat other illnesses not traditionally considered to be related to dental defects
It is equally good for adults and children
It can be used along with cranial osteopathy (relieving tension in the head)
It requires less adjustments therefore, fewer visits to the dentist

What Is The Best Treatment For You?

If you are suffering from multiple issues, such as headaches and fatigue alongside your dental issues, A.L.F. Therapy could be the treatment for you. This holistic treatment method not only targets the teeth, but offers an entire treatment plan, which will relieve you of other non-dental related symptoms. Not only will you have a beautiful smile, but you will have something to smile about as well!
Whenever you feel any problem with your teeth, don’t delay treatment. We have expert and trained orthodontic dentists who can examine your teeth and suggest the best available options for you. You can discuss your problems and finalize what is best for you at the initial visit. If the ALF therapy is best suited to you, then we can progress to the next stage of the treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to arrange your free consultation!

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