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If you often require regular dental treatment it can start to become rather expensive on a yearly basis. By having dental insurance it can help you access our high quality private treatments, but at a lower cost.

There are many different insurance companies who offer different levels of dental insurance. These can cover the cost of examinations, hygiene visits and also part of the cost towards a specific private treatment e.g. implants etc.

Tips on Dental Insurance

When looking for the best insurance to meet your needs it is important to understand the terminology used and what exactly will be covered:

Routine Treatment – this is a treatment performed by a dentist/hygienist in a dentist’s chair (often for check ups, examinations etc).

Dental Emergencies – if you start feeling any sudden pain or swelling in your mouth

Dental Injuries (accidental) – This refers to any treatment needed following an injury. This can incur a mixture of dental/hospital fees depending on the level of trauma suffered (e.g. specialist consultations, anesthetists etc)

Serious Dental Problems – This refers to extensive dental problems such as:

Jaw Fractures
Oral cancer
Salivary gland conditions
Removal of roots surgically
Chronic periapical infection
Reconstructive surgery
Serious dental abscess
Cyst/Tumour/Ondotome of the mouth/jaw
Temporomandibular joint disorder

Before deciding to go ahead with dental insurance it is of utmost importance that you thoroughly read the policy details so you know exactly what is covered and by how much.
We have experience in dealing with the following companies. If your insurance company is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you deal with your claim.


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