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Airflow Jet Teeth Polishing

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Cosmetic jet washing

powerful cleaning with fantastic results

What is Airflow polishing

Airflow is a powerful dental hygiene treatment that dramatically cleans and polishes your teeth using a combination of jet water, air, and sodium bicarbonate.

Airflow Jet Hygiene Polish

This patient had superficial staining on her upper and lower teeth. We used the Airflow Jet Polish to eliminate the staining.


Airflow Jet Hygiene Polish

This patient had stubborn smoking stains on the back of his lower teeth. We used the Airflow Jet Polish to remove all the staining in one visit.


How does Airflow polishing work?

Airflow’s nozzle with shoot out a high pressured and concentrated blast of water, air, and bicarbonate (usually a lemon flavour) at the surfaces of your teeth. Airflow is very effective at cleaning teeth and will also clean the hard to reach places (nooks and cranny’s), leaving you feeling very fresh.
The combination of the air, water, and bicarbonate has been proven to be effective at tackling tough stains and plaque, and you will be able to leave with much cleaner teeth than a normal hygiene visit.

Are there any dangers using Airflow?

No, Airflow is a non-chemical hygiene treatment:

The bicarbonate is a non toxic mixture and if the patient does accidentally ingest it, there will be no hark caused
Airflow is a completely non invasive treatment and will cause no pain to the patient

How much will Airflow cost me?

An Airflow hygiene treatment will cost £98. Do not hesitate to arrange your your appointment today!


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