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Keeping your mouth, gums, teeth clean and healthy!

Keeping your teeth clean on your own can only work to a certain extent. There may be times when the issues you face cannot be tackled by better brushing or more regular flossing. Practicing dental hygiene at home is of utter importance in ensuring that your teeth do not suffer from complications such as cavities or tooth decay. To avoid such situations, it is important to go for regular checkups to a dental hygienist who will clean your teeth professionally.

Daily brushing and flossing can definitely help you keep your teeth healthy. However, in order to prevent dental disease and issues from occurring, a dental hygiene checkup is required. If you visit your dentist regularly, issues can be noticed and diagnosed early on, which reduces overall treatment costs and any pain that could of occurred as dental problems progress.

Airflow Jet Hygiene Polish

This patient had superficial staining on her upper and lower teeth. We used the Airflow Jet Polish to eliminate the staining.


Airflow Jet Hygiene Polish

This patient had stubborn smoking stains on the back of his lower teeth. We used the Airflow Jet Polish to remove all the staining in one visit.


Why do I need to have hygiene checkups?

Daily hygiene routines are efficient in keeping away detrimental effects to your teeth. Daily brushing will help remove some of the plaque that forms on your teeth from leftover food particles, which sit on your teeth (particularly from foods high in starch and sugar).

However plaque can build up and as this happens, it gets harder and harder to remove. A tough substance called tartar or calculus (calcified plaque) will form on your teeth eventually and this cannot be removed through conventional brushing. A visit to the dental hygienist is required to have the plaque removed using dental procedures such as scaling and polishing with professional dental tools.

Recommended daily oral hygiene

Practicing a regular oral hygiene routine is vital in keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. This is what is recommend on a daily basis:

Brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Do not brush too hard or too fast. A regular paced brushing routine used on all teeth is ideal
Regular flossing at least once a day is required to remove any food particles stuck in between the teeth. Flossing too hard can cause gums to bleed (gums bleeding can also be a sign of gum disease)

Who are dental hygienists?

Dental hygienists are professionals who are trained in the art of dental hygiene. At your dental visit, dental hygienists will clean your teeth and remove any plaque deposits using the appropriate instruments. The hygienist will also show you how to care for your teeth properly with brushing and flossing. If additional care is required, the hygienist will recommend certain tools you can purchase to use in your daily dental hygiene routine.

Dental hygienists help educate patients regarding how to care for and prevent cavities, how to control bad breath and how to avoid oral hygiene issues such as gum disease.

How much will a hygiene visit cost me?

Each hygiene visit will cost from £63. However, we do offer a membership plan that includes both the hygiene visits (as well as other benefits and discounts), that makes it a more cost effective.

If you would like to book your hygiene appointment or discuss our membership plans further please call do not hesitate to call us today.


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