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Anti Snoring device that helps you

while you sleep

How is snoring caused?

Snoring is the noise that is caused when you are sleeping because the muscles in your upper airway relax, and as they relax they can cause bottle necks and obstructions in the airway passage, which causes vibrations of the soft tissue near the airway passage, thus generating the noise of snoring!

Why do I snore?

Snoring can be brought on by quite a few factors:

Alcohol before going to sleep
Sleeping pills
Lack of fitness/exercise
Smoking increases the chance of snoring
Sleeping with your mouth open
Blocked noses

These factors can contribute to your snoring but you can control them, which could reduce or even completely eliminate the chances of snoring!

Help! I’m still snoring!

Trying to change certain areas of your life (such as health and weight etc) can be quite difficult to control – It is often easier said than done!
We do however offer a solution that does not require any drastic changes in your lifestyle – the Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). This has been designed to hold your lower jaw and tongue in a forward position, which will allow your airflow passage to remain unobstructed and prevents the cause of your snoring.

Free consultations available

If you are having troubles with snoring or your partner is, please do not hesitate to arrange your free consultation today to discuss the MAD device. Call us between 9.00am-6.00pm surgery hours or fill out the short form below for out of surgery hours and someone will be in contact very shortly.


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