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Valplast Dentures

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Comfortable flexible partial dentures

What Is Valplast?

Valplast are a type of flexible partial removable denture that are an affordable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way of replacing missing teeth.

Why Would You Need Valplast?

Valplast dentures are an excellent treatment for:

Replacing missing teeth whilst fitting around your remaining teeth
Nervous patients – This is a non-invasive treatment!
Restoring natural beautiful full smiles

The valplast dentures are very comfortable as they are uniquely made to your exact measurements and the flexibility allows them to adapt to your mouth.

How Long Will The Valplast Last?

Valplast resin has a lifetime guarantee to never break under usual wear and tear but does require the patient to carefully look after them (so not to accidentally break them when removed).

Why Are Valplast Different From Conventional Dentures?

These simple, yet effective differences are what really make the valplast denture so popular:

Conventional Dentures

Not accommodating to any changes in your mouth
Rigid and bulky

Valplast Dentures

Custom made for your mouth (comfortable)
Accommodates any changes in your mouth
Lightweight (but strong)

How much do Valplast Dentures cost?

Valplast will start from £450 and the exact price will depend on how severe your case is. If you are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to call us or fill out the short form below to arrange your free consultation.


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