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Metal Dentures

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Comfortable Teeth Replacement

What are dentures?

The denture is a prosthetic device made to replace missing teeth. They are also commonly known as false teeth. They are supported by the gums and any remaining teeth. If complete dentures are used when there are no teeth in the mouth, dental implant surgery may be required for stability. If there are some teeth left, dentures can be bonded or clasped onto them.
Dentures can be complete or partial. When people lose teeth, it is important both medically and aesthetically that they use a replacement. To avoid medical complications in the long run, such as shifting of teeth surrounding the extracted teeth and/or jawbone alterations, dentures must be worn after an extraction. Dentures are also used to improve chewing ability after the removal of a number of teeth.

Metal base Dentures

A metal denture is made with substantial metal casting instead of plastic. The various types of dentures are standard and modified metal based dentures. Standard metal dentures are the ones in which a portion of the denture is in direct contact with the soft tissues of the gums. This denture is made of a medically compatible metal alloy. Such metals are non-allergic.
The modified denture base is made of metal but does not have a metal material in direct contact with the gum tissues, as it is preferred not to have metal in direct contact with the gums. Therefore, an important modification in standard form has been done by interposing a plastic liner between the supporting tissue and the metal body of the denture. Soft and hard plastic can be used. However, soft is the preferred option. The only drawback with that is it has to be redone annually.

When to use metal dentures

Sometimes there is a requirement to make a narrow denture. The narrow dentures are weak if they are made from plastic and they tend to break very easily. In such situations metal dentures provide the best solution. The metal base provides the required strength.
It is more suited for the lower jaw. With the loss of teeth the jaw tends to lose weight. A heavy denture is stable and is also comfortable for the patient.

What are the benefits of metal base dentures

Very comfortable
Considered to be very hygienic
More stable and provide better grip
The clasps can be tightened easily
More durable
A precise fit with a strong hold


They are relatively expensive
Difficult to make and adjust in the future
Sometimes the metal and gum contact proves uncomfortable for some patients. However, this can be controlled with a relining of the dentures

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