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An immediate denture is a denture that has been used to replace your natural teeth immediately after their extraction. Sometimes when a number of teeth are to be removed, the patient prefers a quick and immediate solution. When a number of teeth are missing, speaking and eating which are daily activities become very difficult. In such cases the fixation of an immediate denture is the best solution.
There are two types of immediate dentures available, partial or complete. After extraction of your teeth, the mouth has to undergo an array of changes. First, the swelling must go down. Afterwards, your gums will begin to shrink and there will be shifting of the jawbone and any remaining teeth. This time is vital and the less changes that occur the better. Therefore, it is important to be fitted for an immediate denture.


The immediate denture can act as a bandage and will help in healing and controlling the bleeding when it is inserted at the time of extracting the teeth
You will have an immediate replacement; therefore, you will not have to worry about being seen without teeth
It will help you adjust to speaking and using your tongue early on, as speech suffers after extraction of the teeth
Any facial distortion that may occur because of the extraction can be avoided

How it is made?

With immediate dentures, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth before the extraction. This is to ensure that your denture is immediately available after your teeth have been extracted. The impression are made from a moldable material using the teeth that are going to be extracted.
This impression is then sent to a laboratory where a custom fit denture will be made for you. The lab then tries to simulate the extraction. This is done by grinding the teeth on the mold. Then they try to make the denture on this simulated extraction of your teeth. It is obvious that this simulation cannot be perfect. Therefore, when you receive this denture and you start using it, you may require a number of visits to the dentist for relining.

What is relining?

Since this type of denture is used when a number of teeth are extracted at the same time, the healing process is long. It may take weeks and even months to heal. At the same time there are a number of changes which are occurring. The bone is shrinking and the adjoining gum tissues are also shrinking. This will make the denture loose.
To adjust to the loose denture you may require soft or hard relining. The soft relining may be required immediately after the extraction on the first use and then later on when healing has completed. Relining entails filing your dentures with a paste like substance which you will insert your dentures onto your gums as usual. After keeping your teeth in a biting position for some time to let the substance settle, your denture will have been relined. Any gaps that had formed due to bone and gum shrinkage, will be accommodated for with the relining.

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