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Denture repairs in Solihull

Have your dentures been damaged?

Dentures are prepared as a replacement of missing teeth and in some cases, as a replacement of all the teeth. Accordingly, they are called partial dentures and complete dentures.
They help you maintain your smile even after losing teeth. It helps you in chewing and speaking properly. The dentures become part of your body with the passage of time. Sometime, once you lose them or damage them, it is like losing your teeth all over again. As it affects your appearance and your speech, you may not be able to chew or speak properly without them. Therefore, you require immediate repair of your dentures.

When would you visit our Solihull clinic for a Denture Repair?

When would you visit our Solihull clinic for a Denture Repair?
If your denture breaks, you will require immediate repair. This can happen through an accident or over time with general wear and tear. Obviously, the level of care you put into your dentures can help preserve them for longer. You may break it while eating, replacing or cleaning your denture. So, always take care while doing these actions. There are other reasons denture repair may be required. For example, if your denture has become too loose, does not fit properly or if it is painful to put it on and take it off. Visit us immediately if any of these issues occur, as our denture stabilisation service at our Solihull practice may be of assistance.

You must never delay the repair of your denture and never try to use the readymade repair kits available in the market. If you use them, you risking the chance of doing more harm to your teeth than good. Always consult your dentist for any repair. Only a professional can accurately detect the extent of the damage and the repair required. Sometimes it may require a little alignment or readjustment and if that is not sufficient, the dentist may recommend a complete remake of your denture. In this case our denture replacements service in Dorridge, Solihull can help.

How Long Will It Take To Repair The Denture?

Our Solihull denture repairs /replacements / stabilisation services will endeavour will endeavor to complete the denture repair as quickly as possible, as we know how much of an issue it can be for patients to go without their dentures.

In the meantime, we encourage our patients to wear their back up dentures. However, not all of our patients have this option. In such cases, we will hasten the procedure and try to reduce the time you spend without your denture.

Alternatives To Dentures

With today’s modern technological advances in the dental market, we can offer the latest in dental implant treatments, which are long lasting and the preferred treatment for missing teeth. You will not have to worry about losing your dentures again. These dental implants remain fixated in your mouth and support the gums and the surrounding teeth much better than dentures. This prevents the gum from shrinking and causing pain.

If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants or getting dentures repairs in Solihull, please do not hesitate to arrange your free consultation today by either calling us or filling out the short form below.


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