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Acrylic Dentures

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Natural comfortable acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures are dentures that are made with a plastic type of material. It is an easily moldable material, which makes it a good candidate for dentures as they require changes over a period of time. Acrylic is a common material used for partial and complete dentures.

How are acrylic dentures made?

Most often at the first visit, the dentist takes the impression of the patient’s teeth. Depending upon the type of denture the impression is taken before or after the extraction. In case of an immediate denture requirement, the impression is taken before the extraction occurs. In normal cases, the impression is taken after the teeth have been extracted.
The denture is made in the laboratory. Every acrylic denture is custom fit for the patients requirements, making it more comfortable to wear. After the first use, a number of adjustments are required to be made in the initial cast. It is easy to make adjustments and alterations in the acrylic dentures. They may be attached to the existing teeth with metallic clasps or have to stabilize themselves with the gums when there is no teeth left.

Why choose acrylic dentures?

Acrylic dentures are an easy fit as they are easy to alter. They are molded and not much effort is required to make adjustments to acrylic dentures as compared to other materials (such as metals). Acrylic dentures are much more affordable than other dentures. They are most commonly used as partial dentures.


Their look may not be as natural compared to other dentures
The acrylic material is not very durable. Therefore, they may not last as long as other dentures
They change shape over a period of time. Therefore, more adjustments will be required as time passes
Their fitting is often loose. Therefore, they are not a good fit on the lower jaw – especially when there are no teeth

Taking care of your acrylic denture

The care of acrylic dentures is no different from normal oral care. You can clean it with the toothbrush and toothpaste or with specifically made cleaning agents made for the cleaning of dentures. Daily cleaning will keep them safe from building up bacteria on the surface.

They are not very strong. Therefore you need to be careful when washing them to ensure you prevent them from falling or hitting a hard surface by filling the basin with water so if they are too fall, they have a safety cushion.

Normally at night dentures are not worn. The soft tissues of your gum are not advisable to be covered all the time. Leave your dentures in water overnight. It is imperative that they stay moist at all times.

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