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Ceramic Dental Implants

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The natural & strong teeth replacement option

Dental Implants

What Are Ceramic Implants?

Ceramic Implants are Straumanns latest innovation in implant dentistry at replacing a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Ceramic implants work in exactly the same way as an ordinary dental implant, but the only difference is, it is made out of a non-metallic ceramic material.

Why Ceramic Over Metal Implants?

Titanium dental implants are compatible with the human body and are safe to use for dental & medical procedures. We offer ceramic implants so patients do have the option to opt for a non-metallic material

How Do Ceramic/Titanium Implants Work?

When you completely lose a tooth and you would like to have a permanent secure tooth replacement, an implant is an ideal solution. The implant will act as the new root to your new tooth. The root of a tooth or implant will not be visible as they are hidden by your gums and are integrated in your jawbone. The visible part of the tooth, known as a crown or cap, will be securely fitted to the implant. The new tooth will act, look and function as one of your original teeth. Dental implants are the closest thing to replace a natural tooth.

Would Implants Be Suitable For Me?

Each patient is different and will have different needs. Not everyone will be a suitable candidate for implants, but we do offer a wide range of treatments which gives our patients plenty of suitable options to meet their needs and goals.
We offer free consultations so we can examine your needs and discuss all your options with you. After we have seen you, a detailed treatment plan with all the information regarding what was said and what options were offered will be sent to you.
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