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White Fillings

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Natural Looking Fillings

that blend in with your smile

What Are White Fillings?

White fillings are a great way to fill your cavities whilst blending in with your smile. We are able to place the fillings in any part of your mouth and they are an effective treatment against the damage caused by tooth decay. White fillings are made out of a composite material and are mercury free.

White Fillings

This patient was unhappy with the colour of his silver amalgam fillings. We replaced these with tooth coloured non-mercury fillings in one painless visit.


White fillings

These silver fillings were visible on the patients lower teeth when she smiled. We replaced these with white composite fillings in one straightforward visit.


Why Would I Want A White Filling?

If you have suffered from tooth decay and you have cavities (holes in your teeth), you will require a filling to protect you from the bacteria getting further into your tooth. The dentist will remove the tooth decay before placing the white filling, which will stop any bacteria from reaching the nerve of your tooth.
If cavities are left and they are allowed to progress to the nerve of the tooth, it can be extremely sensitive, painful and sore for the person, and at this point they will require a root canal to save the tooth (further complications can develop if this is left untreated as well).

White Fillings

This patient was unhappy at the unslightly grey amalgam fillings. They were replaced with a combination of crowns and white fillings in two visits under sedation


White fillings

This patient had two broken down upper teeth. We used tooth coloured composite to replace the old fillings.


My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt Yet, Should I Wait For A Filling?

In short, No. If you have a cavity and your tooth isn’t hurting yet, it is not a recommended choice to put off having a filling until you start to feel pain. Feeling pain is often a clear sign that your tooth decay has progressed further into the affected tooth, which may require further dental treatment than what was initially required. Like most dental treatments, it is best to protect yourself early on and not leave problems to get worse, as it will save you time, money and allow you to keep your natural teeth healthy for as long as possible.

Advantages of White Fillings

White fillings offers the following advantages:

Aesthetically pleasing (tooth coloured)
No mercury
Natural and discrete (blends in with your teeth)

Disadvantages of White Fillings

The main disadvantage of white fillings is that if you have a rather large cavity they may not be very suitable and a ceramic inlay may be a more suitable option.

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