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Zoom Power Teeth Whitening

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Laser teeth whitening treatment in Solihull

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What is Zoom / Laser Teeth Whitening

Zoom / Laser is a teeth whitening treatment that is carried out in the dentists chair. Whitening solution is applied to the patients teeth and the zoom laser is used over the teeth. This powerful, but safe laser, will speed up the effects from the whitening solution meaning faster results when you visit us at our Solihull laser teeth whitening clinic.

Zoom / Laser Teeth Whitening Process

Zooms treatment will include the following steps:

Quick teeth polish (removing any plaque on the surfaces)
A protective barrier will be securely fitted on your gum
We will then put the whitening gel on your teeth
We will use zoom between 30-60 minutes
You will be given a fluoride rinse (which will help with any sensitivity experienced)

When Would You Need To Whiten Your Teeth?

Whitening you teeth is very much a cosmetic treatment with the aim of making your smile much more aesthetically pleasing, which is why many choose our laser teeth whitening treatment from our Solihull dental clinic. As we become older it is natural for stains and discoloration to occur and this can also be aided by your lifestyle e.g. eating/drinking habits, smoking etc. If you are unhappy with how your teeth look and it is affecting your confidence, it might be worth considering a laser teeth whitening treatment to tackle those stains!

What Are The Benefits of Zoom / Laser teeth Whitening?

Strong and fast whitening results with minimal discomfort/sensitivity
Having a whiter brighter smile will help you look younger
Be more confident when smiling and talking
Safely carried out by a trained dental team
Excellent treatment to complement a smile make over

How Much Will Zoom Cost?

At our clinic in Solihull, Laser teeth whitening starts from as little as £58 per month. If you would like to discuss our teeth whitening options please do not hesitate to call us to arrange your free consultation today!


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