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Internal Teeth Whitening

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What Is Internal Teeth Whitening?

This is a teeth whitening technique which can be used on the front teeth that may have previously had a root canal. Once your dentist has assessed the affected tooth and you are suitable, a small hole will be made at the back of the tooth and the top of the root to expose the root canal filling.
The whitening gel will then be placed inside the tooth and we will use a tooth colored composite material to close the holes.

Why Would I Need Internal Teeth Whitening?

If you have had a root canal (which means the nerve has died and been removed) the tooth will have lost the vitality and healthiness, which will naturally look darker compared to your healthy teeth. Due to this, in comparison to your other teeth, this dark tooth can stand out when you are smiling.
The internal whitening can give a specific dark tooth a real boost to blend in with your other teeth. This treatment can be used alongside other teeth whitening treatments to give you the most optimum results you are after.

How Often Will I Need My Tooth Internally Whitened?

This will depend on the tooth itself and how dark it appears in comparison to the neighboring teeth. It could take up to a couple of sessions before the desired result is achieved. At the free consultation we offer the dentist will be able to asses and give you a better idea on how quickly we could realistically achieve the results you are after.

What Happens After The Desired Result Is Achieved?

Once we have reached the optimum shade of the tooth and the dentist and yourself are both happy with the results, we will seal the hole with a permanent tooth colored filling.
If for any reason the teeth is unable to be matched to your other teeth, we will discuss with you other options that can still meet your needs.

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