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What Is Enlighten?

Enlighten research labs are best known for their teeth whitening products which are made by state of the art technology. Their products are recognised as being the best around the world. We want to offer the best to our patients and this is the reason that we at Ascent Dental Care Solihull use Enlighten teeth whitening products.

6 Month Smiles followed by teeth whitening

This patient was unhappy with the way her teeth looked in photos especially from the side. 6 Month Braces was used to straighten her teeth in 4 months followed by teeth whitening.


Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening

This patient wanted a brighter smile. After 14 days of whitening with Enlighten Home Whitening her teeth were whiter and brighter.


What Makes Enlighten So Different?

Enlighten research labs are leading the teeth whitening technology all over the world. Their prime objective is to improve upon their technology. Their products are created using the latest technology.
The first visit is the consultation in which the dentist will assess your teeth. The whitening procedure will begin during the second and third appointments. The procedure usually takes approximately 40 minutes and is safer than the laser whitening treatments.Enlighten’s products conform to the international safety standards. You have nothing to worry about when having your teeth whitened at our clinic.

Which Enlighten Teeth Whitening Products Should I Use?

The main area of research of Enlighten research laboratories is teeth whitening products. They have a variety of products, which can be used for whitening teeth. Therefore, it is essential that you consult with a cosmetic dentist before you begin any procedure to determine which product is best for you.

Enlighten products give best results when they are used properly. Only trained professionals can use these products on patients. Our dentists and surgeons are fully trained and have extensive experience with Enlighten products. We assure you that you will have no issues with your teeth once you come and visit us! Book your free consultation appointment today!

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