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Cosmetic smile make overs

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What is a Smile Make Over?

A Smile Make Over is quite simply a make over for your smile to treat a number of different cosmetic issues with your teeth and gums. Your smile is one of the first things people will notice and not being 100% happy with your smile can have a negative affect on your confidence and life.

Smile make over under Sedation

This patient was very nervous and was embarrassed to visit the dentist. We carried out dentistry under sedation to improve the smile.


Smile make over under sedation

This patient has not visited the dentist for over 30 years. She was very nervous of having dental treatment. We carried out dental treatment under sedation to give the patient her smile back.


What will a Smile Make Over treat?

A Smile Make Over can combine a mixture of treatments to give you the smile you want!
Some of the issues that you are unhappy about could be:

Chipped teeth
Uneven wonky teeth
Gummy smiles
Gappy teeth
Worn down teeth
teeth discolouration
Narrow smiles
Patchy teeth (white/brown etc)
Teeth that are too “small/big”

If you are unhappy with your smile, we offer free consultations to asses your smile and offer you the most suitable and effective treatments for your exact needs.

Orthodontics, Veneers and teeth whitening smile makeover

"This patient had crooked upper and lower teeth as well as a very dark lower incisor. We carried out orthodontic treatment followed by internal and external teeth whitening and five veneers to complete the smile.


What treatments will be used for my Smile Make Over

This will vary from case to case depending on your exact needs. We offer an extensive range of cosmetic, orthodontic, implants and general treatments to effectively treat a wide range of dental problems!

Some of the most popular and effective treatments we have treated our patients:

Implant retained Porcelain Crown

The patient had lost his upper left central incisor following an accident. A bone graft procedure was carried out to replace the missing/damaged bone followed by an implant restored with a porcelain crown.


Damon Braces

This patient had a retained baby canine tooth. We extracted this tooth and used Damon braces to align the adult canine into the correct place


6 Month smile braces to correct gummy smile

This patients main issues were crooked teeth and a gummy smile. We used orthodontic clear braces to improve the aeshetics of her smile


6 Porcelain Veneers

This patient was unhappy with the dark colour and cracks in her teeth. She was incredibly nervous about having treatment and wanted her smile back. Six veneers were placed on the upper teeth to give her a fantastic result.


Crowns and Bridges

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of his front teeth. Crowns and bridges were used to improve the aesthetics and function of his teeth.


Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening

This patient wanted a brighter smile. After 14 days of whitening with Enlighten Home Whitening her teeth were whiter and brighter.


Inlay and Onlays

This patient did not like the appearance of these large silver mercury fillings. We used our Amalgam removal technique to take out the fillings and replace with white composite.

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