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What are DURAthin porcelain veneers?

DURAthin are an amazing new form of porcelain veneer which are very thin. They surprisingly require no preparation at all, as they can be fixed to your teeth directly from the outside. They are safe, as no protective emulsion on your teeth is required to be removed prior to their bonding. The most amazing part is that if you want to get them removed, it can be done without any harm to your original teeth.

Are DURAthin Veneers Suitable For Me?

DURAthin are the latest addition in cosmetic dentistry. They have been developed by Doctor Dennis Wells and technician Mark Wiles. This amazing product has revolutionized veneers. If you do not want any harm done to your original teeth, this is the best available solution. The application of DURAthin veneers may be suitable (not everyone is suitable) in the following situations:

When the existing teeth are small
Orthodontic reasons
Chipped or worn out teeth
Gaps between the teeth

Gaps between the teeth

DURAthin veneers are cosmetic veneers. The extra thin size has made it possible to save the teeth from any damage. In all other technologies, the teeth are required to be either grinded or drilled to bond the veneer with them. In the case of DURAthin, this is not required. The main advantages of this technology are:

No grinding or drilling of the teeth
Original teeth remain intact
The process is completely reversible
It transforms your smile
Durable and strong material is used for a lasting impact

6 Upper Porcelain Veneers

This patient was unhappy with the dark colour and cracks in her teeth. She was incredibly nervous about having treatment and wanted her smile back. Six veneers were placed on the upper teeth to give her a fantastic result.


How Much Do DURAthin Veneers Cost?

The cost of these veneers starts from £550 per tooth. This may seem expensive, but this treatment will change your entire outer and inner look! You will feel much more confident and happy about your smile.
We also offer flexible 0% and low interest payment plans to help make the treatment more affordable and manageable. Call us to arrange your free consultation today!


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