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What Are DaVinci Porcelain Veneer?

DaVinci porcelain veneers are one of the latest forms of veneers. They are made from ultra-thin ceramic porcelain material. The thin design of the veneers makes application possible with little to no preparation. In some other veneers, the teeth are to be ground or scratched to make space for the placement of the veneer. This quality gives them an edge over most other veneers. They can be used for:

Masking discoloration
Filling the gaps between the teeth
Hiding cracks
Covering chips

What Is The Treatment Procedure?

The procedure is simple. The patient will be required to come in for a visit to the dentist two to three times. The procedure is painless and very little alteration must be done in order to fit the veneers over the teeth. Patients who are afraid of visiting the dentist because there may be pain, can rest assured that DaVinci veneers will be anything but painful. This procedure is also recommended for those who do not want their teeth altered in any way. The thin quality of the veneers allows them to be placed on the teeth with no scraping or grinding of the teeth. Scraping and grinding change the shape of the tooth, which is not reversible.

First visit
In this visit, the patient discusses the issues with the dentist. Our consultation is free. If you come to us, you can discuss our the various options available and suitable for you. Once you finalize the treatment, further appointments will be booked in order to prepare the veneers.

Second visit
During this visit, the dental surgeon will prepare your teeth for the veneer if required. In most cases it is not required. Then the dentist will take an impression mold of your teeth and send it to the laboratory for the manufacturing of your new veneers. This may take one to two weeks.

Third visit
During this visit the veneers will be fixed to the teeth.

How Much Will Da Vinci Veneers Cost?

Because of their unique design, DaVinci porcelain veneers are a slightly more expensive veneer treatment. However, they are the best option for individuals who do not want their teeth distorted in any way. They will start from £550 per tooth. We offer 0% interest and low interest payment plans to help make the treatment more affordable. Please call us today and arrange your free consultation today!


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