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Cosmetic dentistry in Solihull

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentist treatments are aimed at improving the overall aesthetics of your teeth and smile. If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look and it affects your confidence, a cosmetic dental treatment at our Solihull clinic could be the ideal solution for you.
We treat many patients with cosmetic dentistry for many different aesthetic problems, including:

Stains (Yellow/Brown Blemishes)
Gummy Smiles
Embrasures (smoothness on tops/bottoms of teeth)
Uneven/Crowded Teeth
Amalgam (silver fillings) Replacement
Composite/Cosmetic/Dental Bonding
Shape of teeth

Depending on your exact needs the most suitable treatment can vary from patient to patient. We offer the latest in modern cosmetic dentistry treatments at our Dorridge, Solihull clinic to give you a “Hollywood smile makeover” but at affordable prices.

Combination Teeth Whitening

This patient wanted noticeably whiter teeth. A course of combination teeth whitening, using Zoom power teeth whitening and Polanight home whitening, gave her the whiter smile she was after within 3 weeks of seeing us for a consultation.


Composite Veneers - Upper front teeth

This patient’s main issue was the wear and chips on her upper front teeth. She assumed she would need her teeth shaved down for porcelain veneers but we repaired her teeth without preparation in one single visit. She was delighted with the end result.


White Fillings

This patient was unhappy with the colour of his silver amalgam fillings. We replaced these with tooth coloured non-mercury fillings in one painless visit.


6 Month smile braces to correct gummy smile

This patients main issues were crooked teeth and a gummy smile. We used orthodontic clear braces to improve the aeshetics of her smile


Orthodontics, Veneers and teeth whitening smile makeover

"This patient had crooked upper and lower teeth as well as a very dark lower incisor. We carried out orthodontic treatment followed by internal and external teeth whitening and five veneers to complete the smile.


Veneers, Crowns and teeth whitening

This lady was unhappy with the colour and shape of her teeth. Ten veneers and one crown were fitted to improve the smile as well as teeth whitening on the lower teeth. She was delighted with the result achieved.


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The first step towards your new smile is to come see our cosmetic dentists at our Solihull clinic for advice, where we can offer a free consultation so we can assess your case and discuss all the suitable options available. Please call us or fill out the short form at the bottom of the page to arrange your free consultation today & to find out more on cosmetic dental enhancement.

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