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Wrinkle Removal Treatments

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Wrinkles getting you down?

Regain your self confidence...

What is wrinkle removal?

Wrinkles are marks of fatigue. Medically speaking they are formed by Acetylcholine, a substance used in transmitting signals in our neural system that directs the muscle to contract. This is a normal function of the body. The wrinkles are formed when these contractions in particular area take place a number of times. After years of fatigue, a time comes when muscles in a particular area reduce their flexibility and after contracting, are unable to resume the original shape.
Various expressions such as a simple smile, concentration and rage cause facial wrinkles. These actions over a period, cause the wrinkles to form on the face, damaging the aesthetics of the face. Normally wrinkles occur on the forehead, around the eyes, mouth and nose.

Wrinkle Removal


How does wrinkle removal work?

A wrinkle removal substance, commonly known as Botulinum toxin is used to remove the wrinkles. It is injected into the area around the wrinkle with a very thin syringe. This substance is known for the treatment of muscular disorders. It relaxes the muscle, clearing the wrinkle. Its results are miraculous and within hours, the wrinkles disappear. It is however, a temporary treatment. The patient has to come back for further treatment after some time.

Wrinkle Removal Treatments


Are the wrinkle removal injections safe?

There are various treatments available in the market for the treatment of wrinkles. Wrinkle removal injections are the only treatment that is medically authentic. It is a prescribed treatment and only a professional can give you this treatment. If you are conscious about your wrinkles and are feeling low on confidence, this is a quick and certain treatment for you.

It is perfectly safe, as only a qualified professional are allowed to carry out the treatment. The injections are completely pain free. The syringe used for injecting the medicine are extremely thin. It does not cause more pain than a mosquito bite and the complete procedure may take just ten minutes.

What areas of my face can be treated?

You can choose from the following areas:

Crows Feet
Under Eyes
Nasolabial Lines
Marionette Lines

wrinkle removal

This patient disliked her forehead lines. After 2 weeks of wrinkle removal treatment in her forehead, the muscles relaxed to prevent these lines developing, giving a smoother and more youthful appearance lasting up to 6 months.


How much does wrinkle removal treatment cost?

Ascent Dental Care Solihull's wrinkle removal prices start from £150. Please call us today to arrange your free consultation and discuss all the available options to suit your needs.


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