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Lip Plumping

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Do you want fuller lips?

What is Lip Plumping

Lip plumping is used to give the patient fuller lips and a fuller smile.

Why would I want Lip Plumping?

You may want Lip Plumping if you want:

Fuller lips
Enticing lips
Increased self confidence

How does Lip Plumping work?

Lip Plumping uses “soft-tissue fillers” (dermal fillers), that are injected into the lips to plump them out, giving the patient a fuller smile.

Lip Plumping

Patient was unhappy with her thin upper lip. We used a lip filler to plump the lip to improve the appearance


How long do the effects of Lip Plumping last?

There are various different types of fillers that can be used for lip plumping, and each one can last for a different amount of time. This can vary from a couple of months to a year. All the various lip plumping options will be discussed during the initial free consultation.

Lip Plumping


Lip plumping


Is Lip Plumping safe?

Lip plumping treatments are safe when they are carried out by our highly skilled and trained dental team, who will take their time to completely explain the proposed lip plumping treatment.

How much does Lip Plumping cost?

It will cost from £150 to have your lips plumped. Please call us today to arrange your free consultation and discuss all the available options to suit your needs.

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