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What Are Dental Bridges?

When you lose a tooth (through decay or injury) you require an immediate treatment to fill the new gap. It is not only important for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, but it is also important for the health of your gums and bones.

There are different methods of filling these gaps. One method is having a denture which can be a temporary or removable solution. The other more stable and permanent solution is a dental bridge. The dental bridge, as the name suggests, is actually a replica of your natural bridge (found in the mouth), as it requires two supports on either side of the missing tooth. This bridge covers the gap with the help of supports. In between these supports is the false tooth, which fills the place of a missing tooth. The dental term for this is a pontic.

In some instances, a Maryland bridge may be used. In this procedure, wings are fixated to the teeth on either side of the gap. The advantage of this method is that the two teeth on the sides of the gap do not need to be fitted for a crown.

M Hanif

I have been with Accent dental surgery for the last 5 years and have enjoyed excellent service.
Dental surgeons are competent who provide dental implant service along with other like dental bridges. Staff are very polite and respectful. I will recommend their services to anyone based on my experience.

Why Would I Need a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges offer the following advantages:-

You can maintain your original smile even after losing your front teeth

It will help you with chewing and speaking

It will prevent your teeth from moving (gaps between teeth can lead to crookedness from surrounding teeth)

It will help in maintaining the balance of your bite

How Do You Know if a Dental Bridge is the Best Treatment for You?.

Visit us at Ascent Dental Care Solihull for a free consultation. We will look at your problem and will find out what is required to be done. If a bridge is required for your case, we will prepare a treatment plan with all your suitable options listed and will answer any questions you may have.

After the treatment plan has been accepted the abutments for the bridge will then be prepared. Before the dental bridge can be placed, the teeth either side of the gap will need to be crowned. The crowning will require a small portion of the tooth’s enamel to be removed to allow for the fitting of the crown. Impressions of your teeth will then be taken, ready to be sent to the dental laboratory for the bridge to be made. It will take a couple of weeks before your dental bridge is made but in the meantime we will fit you with a temporary bridge.

Crowns and Dental Bridges

This patient was unhappy with the dark margins around his 20 year old bridges and crowns. We replaced them with natural looking restorations which eliminated the dark margins and improved the aesthetics.

Dental Bridges

This patient was unhappy with the dark margin around her bridges. We replaced them with all ceramic metal free restorations to correct the dark areas.

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