Composite Veneers
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What Are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers are used to improve your teeth’s overall aesthetics, from any cracks or minor chips to the shade/colour, size and shape. Composites are quite similar to porcelain veneers but with the main difference being your teeth may require a small amount (if any) of tooth reduction with a drill, and the treatment process can also be treated in a single visit (as well as being much cheaper).

Amit Pabari

I have always been conscious of my teeth however I am so happy with my veneers. The team at Ascent Dental explained everything in detail to me and were very thorough. They made me feel extremely relaxed. I love my new smile.
I recommend Ascent Dental to everyone!

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What Does the Treatment Plan Consist of

The dentist will listen to your needs and will construct the composite veneers whilst you are there to your exact requirements, to create your perfect smile. When the composite veneers have been created and the patient is happy, they will be bonded to the surfaces of the patients teeth with a bonding agent (glue) – in the majority of cases we wont have to drill down any of you teeth but the patient will be informed of every detail and will not be left in the dark.

How Long Can Composite Veneers Last?

They can last 2-5 years depending on:

  • Composite Material: There is different material available which varies in price and quality (which will be discussed at the free consultation)
  • Lifestyle: If you regularly floss and brush you teeth carefully, avoid sugary and acidic drinks, don’t grind teeth (bruxism), your veneers will last much longer
Kirsty Lamberton

I first had dental treatment (implant & veneer) with Faresh in May 2013. It was a years worth of treatment and the end result was so natural looking. As my bottom teeth weren’t the straightest, I decided to have a brace fitted with Gursh. After just over 17 weeks, I had my brace removed yesterday (25/8/14) and for me, it was a Hollywood reveal. My TEETH ARE AMAZING!!!

Before & After

8 Composite Veneers

This patient was unhappy with the colour, white spots and shape of the teeth. We placed 8 composite veneers to improve the colour and shape.

Composite Bonding Before
Composite Bonding After

Composite Veneers

This patient was unhappy with the large gaps between his teeth aswell as the small size. We placed composite veneers to improve the shape and size as well as eliminating the gaps. Teeth whitening was also carried out prior to placing the composite veneers to improve the shade of the teeth.



Marianne Looks Great!

Marianne’s twice-yearly checkups with Laura have left her looking and feeling fantastic! And Marianne loves Ascent’s easy-to-book emergency service.


Couldn’t Fault Them!

Another appointment with Arum assures Mike will stay in tip-top long-term health, with many more years of healthy smiles to come!

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