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In severe cases when all of the teeth are removed from your mouth, you will require a complete denture to replace the missing teeth. The replicated dentures can never act like natural teeth, as they are not rooted in your gums as your original teeth once were. The removal of all of your teeth brings about a number of problems. After the extractions, the changes in your jaw, bone and gums will continue for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need to understand your denture and the changes occurring in your mouth to become properly adjusted to it.

Hazel Williams

Brilliant , professional, competent & thoroughly deserved of a Top rate review. I have had a denture implant which is so comfortable & looks just stunning. The care and precision taken by Dr Faresh Desai, his wonderful team & technicians has been outstanding. Now I am having crowns & a partial denture so am qualified to leave a 5 Star plus review. I cannot recommend highly enough.

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Upper Denture
Vs. Lower Denture

Upper dentures are quite stable as they have some space on the jaw bones. Therefore, upper dentures remain stable and cause less problems.

Lower dentures are the ones that will have the most problems. The speed of shrinking is more in the case of the lower jaw. The lower jaw is naturally smaller than the upper jaw, therefore there is less space on its gum ridges where the denture will rest. The presence of the tongue and its movement prevents the lower denture from staying fixed in one place at all times. If it is consistently moving around, it will eventually lose its shape and will not fit properly in your mouth.


I want to say a huge thank you to: Jaz, Faresh & all the staff that took care of me throughout my treatment.
I never used to smile and show my teeth on photos.
I can now smile with confidence, as my smile has been returned.
Anyone who is considering undergoing dental treatment should definitely speak with Ascent Dental first.
As they listen to what you are trying to achieve, and make you feel safe, reassured and satisfied.
Thanks guys

How Often Do You Need to Change Your Denture?

It depends on the changes occurring in your mouth. The denture remains the same but the changes occurring in your mouth may make it uncomfortable over time. It is suggested that after every year you should get it checked and whenever you have any problems discuss them with your dentist immediately.

Advantages of Complete Dentures

It will help your bite and you will be able to chew food. The artificial teeth cannot be a replacement of the natural teeth; however, they can make up for some of the lost capabilities Without teeth, speech becomes distorted. With the help of a complete denture, you will be able to speak properly again Aesthetics. Most people are not comfortable being seen without teeth. A complete denture will give you back your lost smile and confidence!

Securing Your
Complete Dentures

Unfortunately, the loss of bone can causes many headaches and problems further down the road. Luckily, if you decide to have dental implants with your dentures (called overdentures), they will be securely held in place, and the implants will stop any future bone resorption (as they fuse with the jaw bone).

Before & After

Replacement Upper and Lower Dentures

Upper and lower dentures were provide to replace the existing worn dentures. Patient was embarrassed with the appearance of the old dentures but can now smile and eat with confidence.


This patient has loose, worn and discoloured upper and lower dentures. This was affecting their confidence and ability to talk and eat. We provided new upper and lower dentures.

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Everything’s Fine!

Regular checkups from our general dental team have left David looking and feeling great.


Worried? Don’t Be!

Carol is one of the many thousands of UK patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist. Here’s why she loves Ascent.

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