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We Have Many Years Experience Treating Children With Braces

The development of young Children’s teeth is an important stage in how their adult teeth will develop. Children as young as 7-8 could start to show signs of how their dental health into adulthood could develop (as the first of their 32 permanent teeth start to come in around 6!) and it is recommended they attend regular dental visits with our dentists to keep an eye on their progress.

We have had many years of experience in treating children and our highly trained friendly dentists will be able to identify any potential problems early on, meaning they will have less of a chance of developing any serious teeth problems as they grow up.

Lucy New

Fabulous experience end to end with Ascent – lovely practice and lovely people who have done a fantastic job with my sons teeth which are now a beauty to behold!! Thank you to all of the team 🙂

When Should You Bring Your Child to See an Orthodontic Dentist?

As your child develops they can show certain warning signs of how their teeth may be affected:

  • Wonky/crooked or crowded teeth
  • Early (before 4) or late (7-8) loss of their baby teeth
  • Teeth that stick/protrude out
  • Chewing or biting difficulty
  • Thumb and finger sucking – This can be a difficult habit to ween and can continue into adult hood (causing adult teeth to stick out)
  • Teeth grinding
  • Enamel wear (teeth look worn, signs of discoloration to yellow)

Any of these signs could be an early indication that they may require braces at a later stage of their child hood (between age 9-14).

It is recommended that your child undergoes orthodontic treatment while they are still growing as once they have reached adulthood, treatment times can take considerably longer, and more extensive work will need to treat them as well.

Maxine K

Excellent service from the team at Ascent Dental Care. My daughter has come to the end of her treatment and her braces removed just over a week ago, the results and care she received has been outstanding. Many thanks especially to Cassandra.

How Long Will My Child Have to Wear Braces for?

This will depend on the severity of your childs case and can vary quite a lot. Cases can vary from 12-36 months and minor cases can even be completed in a couple of months! At the free consultation your dentist will be able to give you a more accurate treatment time once they have examined your child.

How Long Will Your Child Have to Wear the Retainers for?

After having braces at any stage in your life it is recommended to ideally wear it forever. This is because once you have had a brace, you could potentially suffer an orthodontic relapse which means your teeth return to their crooked position.

We do understand that this is easier said than done (especially with children) and it may not be as easy to enforce them wearing a retainer. We do offer (and recommend) the bonded retainer option which ensures that a retainer is worn at all times, and best of all, it is hidden on the backs of your teeth!

How Much Will Braces
for My Child Cost?

Prices start from £1,250 and will be case dependent. At the free consultation our dentist will be able to examine your child’s teeth and discuss the suitable orthodontic options, with the associated costs. After the consultation a treatment plan will be written up (with all the information discussed) and sentover to you for your consideration.

To arrange a free consultation for your child today please call us today or fill out the short form below.

Before & After

Fixed Braces

This teenager had severe crowding in the upper and lower arches. We aligned the teeth using fixed braces without extracting any teeth over 18 months.

Fixed Braces

This patient had very severe crowding with teeth overlapping each other. We aligned the teeth with fixed braces without any extractions.

Video testimonials


Never Too Young

Young Archie was living with overcrowded teeth and a severe overbite, says mum Lucy. Here’s Lucy halfway through Archie’s treatment with praise for our child friendly orthodontic expert, Gursh.



Things rarely go wrong with orthodontics. But when they do, you’ll find our team attentive, responsive and ready to help.

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