Mar 19, 2019

Professional vs. Home Tooth Whitening, – Which is best?

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With the popularity of teeth whitening having risen dramatically within the last few years, we’re starting to see more and more over the counter home whitening kits donning the shelves of our local drugstores than ever before. These remedies are all said to be the solution to achieving the perfect smile, but is this claim as true as we might think? How does the most popular of these products perform when compared to the work of a professional private Dentist?

One of the most prevalent home treatments currently available on the market comes in the form of teeth whitening strips. With the most popular brands averaging at around £35 for 28 strips, this is a product said to work by using a gel that whitens the tooth enamel, leaving users with a brighter, radiant smile and supposedly removing up to 14 years’ worth of staining. To the typical consumer, it would appear that by the extensive amount of positive reviews these products have accumulated from happy customers all over the internet, this is a home whitening kit that works. In thinking this, you would be correct. It’s true that the chemicals used within this treatment can whiten teeth and, for the most part, are fairly effective in doing so. However, does this mean that they are safe to use?

In general, these whitening strips can be considered relatively safe under the condition they are used as instructed. If left on too long, the high levels of bleaching agent that the product contains can cause dramatic harm to the gums, enamel, and also increase tooth sensitivity and pain. It is also vitally important to check the contents of the whitening kits as some brands may contain Chlorine Dioxide; a product commonly used to disinfect pools. The acid works to brighten the look of teeth by eating away at surface enamel and, in the long run, this can have an extremely damaging effect to the overall health of your teeth. The most popular brands of teeth whitening kit tend to opt for the use of Hydrogen Peroxide in their products, a chemical similarly used in professional tooth whitening procedures, and approved for use by the FDA. It works by passing through the tooth enamel, helping to reverse discolouration and improve the visual appearance of the teeth overall. However, the ingredient being FDA approved does not mean it is dramatically safer to use when compared with Chlorine Dioxide. If not used properly, hydrogen peroxide can kill the bacteria that help to prevent problems such bad breath, gum disease, and the formation of cavities. The possible removal of these beneficial bacteria by teeth whitening strips thus leaves consumers susceptible to multiple oral health risks; the home remedy seemingly creating more problems than it solves.

Due to this issue with over the counter home remedies, professional tooth whitening seems to be the safest solution to opt for when aiming to brighten the appearance of yellow or stained teeth. Laser teeth whitening is the latest clinical treatment currently on the market and, while it may cost slightly more than traditional tooth whitening or bleaching procedures, the use of this method has been found to produce fewer side effects; making it the perfect choice for those seeking the perfect smile without having to compromise their oral health. Like all forms of teeth whitening, the procedure works through the release of oxygen ions by a tooth whitening gel, gently lifting any stains from the surface of the tooth. However, the use of laser technology makes this procedure much quicker, resulting in it being the ideal quick fix.

Whichever tooth whitening procedure you choose to opt for at the Dental Clinic, you can be assured that you’ll see much more effective results in contrast to those of home remedies. While both options tend to use the same chemical ingredients, there’s a higher chance of seeing results during in-office treatment, as Dental professionals are permitted to use up to 35% hydrogen peroxide while home kits can only contain 10% as a maximum. Procedure is also much less likely to result in multitudes of adverse side effect when carried out in a Dental surgery, as those performing the treatment are highly trained to do so.

However, if treatments carried out in a clinic don’t sound like the right choice for you, and you still want to try your hand at whitening your teeth at home, some Dental surgeries offer their own home teeth whitening packages to clients. These can have much safer and effective results when compared to kits bought over the counter, without having to sacrifice your oral health in the process!

For more information on professional teeth whitening and the types of solutions available, visit our teeth whitening treatments page to discover what Ascent Dental Care Solihull can do for you.


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