Jan 25, 2020

Why do I have sensitive teeth?

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If you are consciously avoiding foods that are hard because it may hurt your teeth, or keeping clear of hot or cold drinks because your teeth are too sensitive, it is about time you spoke to a dentist about this problem. Sensitive teeth are a common problem, and can be quite easy to resolve too.

However, ignoring sensitive teeth can cause them damage and will only make the pain worse, the longer they are left in this condition.  In this article, we will begin looking at the causes of sensitive teeth, and how we can remedy the issue.


What causes sensitive teeth?

Dentin Is the name given to the softer tissue which primarily makes up our tooth. This material contains tubules filled with microscopic nerve endings. The dentin is protected by the harder exterior of your tooth, and extends right down to the root of the tooth itself. The irritation of the nerve endings within your tooth (dentin hypersensitivity) occurs when the dentin loses its protective coat of enamel or cementum, exposing the nerve endings to everything you put in your mouth.

There are multiple causes behind dentin hypersensitivity, such as:

*Tooth erosion due to acidic or sugary food and drinks

*Receding gums exposing the root surface

*Grinding your teeth (bruxism)

*Sensitivity occurring after dental treatment (fillings, bleaching, crowns)

*Tooth enamel worn down due to vigorous and aggressive brushing


Solutions for sensitive teeth

The first step to sorting out sensitive teeth is through talking to your dentist. Speaking about the discomfort you are experiencing and how long you have had the symptoms for, will help your dentist determine why you are experiencing sensitivity, and the best cause of action for you to receive.

After you dentist has narrowed down the cause for your sensitive teeth, you may simply be fitted with a filling or a crown, however if the discomfort continues, you ma require more extensive surgery, such as a gum graft, to protect the root’s surface and support your teeth.


If the cause for your sensitivity is not immediately obvious, you may be recommended treatments and products to help reduce the sensitivity of your teeth. This can be an in-office fluoride gel, provided by your doctor, which will help strengthen the enamel upon your teeth, which helps in reducing any painful sensations you may be experiencing. You can also receive over the counter desensitising toothpastes, designed to block off any nerve endings in the teeth that could be exposed.


If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, why not contact Ascent Dental Care Solihull today, to see how we can help you!


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