Jun 4, 2019

Why should I get a crown and what to consider when getting one

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A crown, or cap, is an artificial piece that is designed to fit over a partially prepared tooth in order for it to regain strength, its natural look and provide more comfort to the patient.


Why would I need a crown fitted?

Crowns are foremost designed to provide relief to patients suffering from a broken tooth, tooth decay or a considerably large cavity.

However, they are not limited to being used when a patient is in discomfort; they can provide a good solution to the tooth’s general aesthetic, for example covering a discoloured filling, holding a denture in its place, or to protect and cover a root filling.

How much does a crown cost?

There is no set price tag for a crown, as every circumstance is different. Depending on where you need a crown, whether you need a whole or partial restoration, and what material you want to use, the prices can range from a few hundred pounds into the thousands.


Are they durable?

All crowns fitted provide a long lasting solution to a patient; however some types are more tenacious than others. Crowns can vary in their durability depending on the type of crown you get. Crowns come in a variety of different materials and each has their own benefits. More and more materials are being sourced to create crowns.

What materials are crowns made out of?

Crowns can come in a wide variety of materials, the higher the quality of the material they are made of  the more sustainable they are. A few of the most common options are:



  • Porcelain bonded to precious metal

A precious metal based layered with porcelain on top. This is what most crowns are made from.


  • Porcelain

Usually used for front teeth, they are not as strong as bonded crowns but provide a very natural look.

  • All ceramic

Provides a metal free alternative, whilst keeping the strength of a bonded crown and the appearance of porcelain, so it’s very sustainable to use this anywhere in the mouth.

  • Glass

Similar to ceramic, these crowns are very sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Gold-alloy crowns

A traditional method of creating a crown, it is mixed with other metal alloys to increase strength and usually either silver or gold in colour.


How are crowns prepared and fitted?

If you need a crown to be fitted, the procedure is usually quite simple, although it may require a couple of visits to complete.

The first step of getting a crown fitted involves the dentist tapering the outer layers of the tooth’s surface away, revealing a strong inner core. The excess removed will be the same thickness as the crown being applied.

Then, the dental team will take the impression of the prepared tooth and one on the opposite jaw to pass on to the dental technician.

The technician will then create the crown, working to a brief of the required materials, the shade of the tooth and any further information they may need. You may need to wear a temporary filling whilst waiting for your crown to be made, which can be more noticeable, but not a permanent fixture.

Once you and your dentist are happy with the new crown, they will fix it in place with special dental cement, forming a seal which holds the crown in place.

In conclusion, crowns are a great solution to many problems you may have with your teeth, whether to stop discomfort or just for aesthetic purposes, they can be tailor made to your specifications, which is why they are so popular. The variety of materials provides a wide price range, and allows for you to decide on which type would suit you best.


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