Jan 15, 2020

Why do my gums bleed whilst brushing?

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If you find that your gums are bleeding when your brush your teeth, it may be a sign of an underlying problem. At first, you may simply shrug it off, and put it down to a fluke. However, bleeding gums are always an indication that something isn’t right.

There are many different causes that can attribute to bleeding gums, which we will look at within this article. Through understanding the causes, we can then explore the solutions to bleeding gums too.


What causes bleeding gums?

As previously stated, there are multiple factors that can lead to bleeding gums. These can vary quite widely, so it is important to recognise which one is most likely the cause for your gums to bleed.

*Brushing your teeth to vigorously, or with too much pressure put onto the teeth, can lead to irritated and inflamed gums, causing your gums to bleed when brushing.

*Pregnancy is often accompanied by bleeding gums, due to hormonal changes within the body making your gums more susceptible to plaque. This then leads to the inflammation, and eventually bleeding, of the gums.

*A bad diet can also heavily attribute to bleeding gums developing, due to an increased intake of sugar, which eventually will form into plaque and attack the teeth, if not removed.

*A poor oral hygiene is possibly the biggest contributor of bleeding teeth, as it is so important to remove harmful plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Without a thorough and regular clean, our mouth will harbour a lot of bacteria that attacks at the teeth and gums, leading to bleeding gums.

*Some medicines can increase the risk of developing bleeding gums. Over the counter medicines such as aspirin, thin the blood and encourage the gums to bleed. If you think your bleeding gums are a side affect of your medication, speak to your doctor about changing the dose or medication.


How to resolve bleeding gums

So now that we know some of the main causes of bleeding gums, how do we keep on top of it, and prevent bleeding gums in the future?

*Practicing good oral hygiene is a great place to begin, regardless of whether your gums are bleeding or not, it is imperative to maintain a good oral hygiene routine, to fight of infections, bleeding gums and tooth decay.

Through brushing twice daily, and flossing once a day, you greatly reduce the risk of bleeding gums and make your mouth healthier for it.

If you are pregnant, keeping on top of your oral hygiene is incredibly important, as you are much more susceptible to developing bleeding gums and gum disease, due to the hormone fluctuations.


*Stopping smoking will benefit your gums, along with the rest of your body. Smoking is heavily linked to gum disease, amongst other disease’s such as cancer and heart disease. Smoking reduces your bodies immune system, making gum disease harder to fight off, and easier for it to develop.

Through quitting smoking, you can allow your gums to heal properly and stop them from bleeding.


*Through increasing your vitamin C intake, you can dramatically improve the strength of your immune system and fight off any gum infections that could possibly be causing your gums to bleed. Foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, carrots and red peppers can help reduce the risk of bleeding gums.

A lack of vitamin C will have the opposite effect, leading to bleeding gums and an increased risk of developing gum disease.


*Rinsing your mouth out, whether with mouthwash or salt water can reduce the number of bacteria and plaque within your mouth, therefore lowering the potential risk of developing bleeding gums or gum disease.


If your gum are persistently bleeding, it is time to go and see your dentist or GP for more extensive checks into any oral problems, or vitamin deficiencies you may have. If you are worried about bleeding gums, contact Ascent Dental Care Solihull for professional advice and help.


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