Mar 3, 2020

Dental care during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a period of time which is full of changes. This can be a very turbulent time on your body, and your teeth are no exemption from this. Whilst booking a dental appointment may not be at the front of your mind when you find out you are pregnant, there are very good reasons why you should be keeping on top of your oral health, before, during and after your pregnancy. Some of the main reasons and benefits as to why this is so will be discussed in this article.


Dental care before pregnancy

Of course, life isn’t always this straight forward, however, if you are trying for a baby, be sure to book a dental appointment in advance. This is important, as it allows for a proper examination of the teeth and gums, as well as a routine cleaning. Through this, your dentist will be able to spot early on, any signs of problems regarding your oral health.

This is also a great opportunity to notify your dentist of your news, and receive face to face advice for keeping your mouth healthy during pregnancy.


Dental care during pregnancy

Gum disease

The first thing to consider when it comes to oral health during pregnancy is gum disease. During the time you are pregnant, hormonal changes are very prevalent and can have a direct effect on your gums, and how they interact with dental plaque.

These changes can make your gums swollen, sore and inflamed. What’s more, pregnancy can also increase the number of bacteria which is harboured within your mouth, allowing for more opportunities for your mouth to become susceptible to gum disease. Maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing is the best way to combat this, especially during pregnancy.


Morning sickness

Morning sickness is definitely one of the less glamorous sides of pregnancy. It is completely natural, although it can lead to complications with your oral health if your teeth are not properly cared for.

Through vomiting, your body regurgitates acids from your stomach throughout your body and mouth. Whilst brushing your teeth can often trigger this reaction to start again, it is important not to neglect your oral hygiene due to this. Stomach acid can dissolve your teeth enamel at an intimidating rate, leading to tooth decay and infections.

If you are struggling with brushing during morning sickness, try rinsing your mouth out with water straight after vomiting and brushing your teeth gently with water and baking soda. This is not as effective as brushing with toothpaste, but it is a much better alternative to leaving your toothbrush alone completely.


Visiting the dentist during pregnancy

During your first and third trimester of pregnancy, it is best to avoid any dental work being done for safety of both you and your baby. The most ideal time to have dental work performed when pregnant is during the second trimester, as this has proven to be the safest time for the mother and child.

It is also important to bear in mind that you should never have dental X-rays performed during pregnancy, and that there is evidence suggesting that women suffering with periodontitis (advanced gum disease) during pregnancy, are more likely to give birth to premature of underweight babies, so regular oral hygiene is a must.


Dental care after pregnancy

If you have suffered with gum disease or any other form of oral health problem during your pregnancy, it is important to notify your dentist so they can perform and examination of your mouth as soon as possible.


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