Mar 25, 2019

Caring for your Dentures

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Denture implants are a great treatment within the dentistry sector that can help to dramatically alter the visual appearance of your smile. However, maintaining proper care of dentures is a vital factor that, in many cases, is easily overlooked but can have a dramatic impact on the overall health of your mouth. So how is it that you ensure your dentures remain in excellent working condition?

Below, we have compiled a list everything you need to know about proper care for your dentures, ensuring they stay clean and stain free.


Handle with care


Just like our real teeth, false teeth are delicate and require caution when being handled as to avoid potential damages. If dropped, dentures can face serious damage that will require repairs to be carried out by your dentist. To avoid this, it is recommended to clean dentures over a soft surface area that will absorb any impact, such as a folded towel or blanket. It is also important that you take extra care to ensure the clasps are not broken or bent out of place during the cleaning process, as this can weaken the metal and thus the hold of your dentures all together.


Clean Dentures daily


Making sure that your dentures are rinsed and brushed at least once a day is extremely important when aiming to prevent permanent staining; removing the build-up of plaque and excess food on the surface of the tooth and helping to promote great oral hygiene.

When brushing false teeth, avoid the use of a hard-bristled brush as this can cause extensive surface damage and wear down your dentures. Instead, opt for a soft-bristled option, such as a toothbrush specifically designed for cleaning dentures. It is also vital to note that the use of toothpaste throughout this process is not recommended, as the substance is abrasive and known to cause scratches on the surface of the dentures in which plaque, and food, can build up. The use of mild dishwashing liquid or hand soap is best as to avoid causing damage throughout the cleaning process.

Gently brush all surfaces of the teeth, taking care as to not bend the attachments.

Also ensure that dentures are rinsed after every meal, as this is a great way to remove the loose particles, such as food debris, that can get left behind; better maintaining dental hygiene between brushes.


Care for your Dentures when they’re not being worn


It is important to the maintenance of your dentures that they are kept moist when not being worn, keeping them from drying out and thus losing their shape. Dentures, when removed for long periods of time, should be stored either in a denture soaking cleaning solution or glass of room temperature water; using hot water can cause materials used for making false teeth to warp, rendering them unusable. However, dentures using metal attachments could be tarnished when soaked in a cleaning solution. In cases such as these, your dentist will be able to advise the best methods for caring for your denture type.


Visit the Dentist regularly


Regular visits to the dentist are important to maintain good oral hygiene and ensure a proper denture fit. The recommended amount of time between visits is normally around 6 months, however, this can vary from person to person and is to be determined by your dentist.

If you experience significant damage to your false teeth that requires immediate attention, call your dentist to book an appointment immediately; never buy an over the counter repair kit or attempt to repair or adjust dentures yourself, as this can do more harm than good and cause permanent damage to your dentures. Professional denture repairs and denture replacements can be carried out by your dentist, and will ensure that overall quality is maintained.


To conclude, carrying out proper care for your dentures is important to ensure they stay in great condition, promoting the upkeep of oral hygiene.
If you’re interested in denture implants, visit our dentures page to discover the range of options our Ascent Dental Care Solihull practice has on offer.


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