Aug 13, 2019

The benefits of having a private dentist

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Deciding to go private with your dental care can open up multiple options that weren’t available to you before, on the NHS. So deciding whether to spend the extra money for a private service can be a difficult one to make, so in this article we hope to weigh up the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision on choosing to go private.


A wider choice of dental options

The NHS prices its services within three different price brackets, with each tier up involving more expensive and complicated procedures. These treatments are most often to do with installing crowns, bridges and fillings, and are generally limited to this unless there is an exceptional circumstance which requires a more expensive treatment, such as implants and veneers.

Private dentists will have more equipment and supplies to perform a wider range of surgeries and treatments, meaning you can receive more personalised treatments, for both general dentistry and cosmetic purposes.

More relaxed and paced appointments

A common complaint from NHS patients is that they feel their appointment’s often feel rushed and don’t provide enough time to talk in depth about their problems. Their treatment is often drawn out through a long period of time due to the high volume of patients, and lack of resources. This also means that finding an NHS dentist to see you in the time frames that suit you can often be difficult and require time of work or school.

Private dentists offer a more in depth approach to their appointments with you. They have more appointment slots, so you can find a convenient time to discuss your treatment, and model the treatment plan around what suits you. Many private dentists also offer weekend and evening services, so you can fit in your routine check-ups more conveniently.

Longer and more convenient appointments provide a better relationship between you and your dentist, which can be really beneficial if you are a nervous patient, or are experiencing anxiety for an upcoming procedure.

More cosmetic forward treatments

Private dentists provide more cosmetic treatments to their patients, as the NHS primarily focuses on functionality and treating problems that are causing discomfort or pain to the patient. Private dentists focus as much on functionality as they do on cosmetics when it comes to treatments, so you have more options to work upon the aesthetic qualities of your smile, as well as any physical discomfort you may be feeling. These treatments can range from teeth whitening, to dental implants and veneers.

Choose your own practitioner

Another major benefit to going private is that you have the option to choose your own dentist or practitioner, meaning that you can find the right person to treat you, based on your own requirement s and preferences. This is especially handy for nervous patients, or young kids. Having a private practitioner means that you will have a unique experience, and won’t be treated the same as every other patient, which so often happens when going through the NHS.

To conclude, having your own private dentist can be a life changing decision, opening up more options to address any cosmetic needs, as well as having more time to discuss your treatment face to face with your dentist. You may be paying extra for this service, but it can provide many solutions to your overall happiness with your smile.

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