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Is it essential to replace a missing tooth?

Having a missing tooth is never a good thing. Whilst some gaps in your teeth may be too far back to notice, or can be discretely hidden from view, there are definite consequences that come as a result of not replacing your missing tooth or teeth. The process of replacing a missing tooth isn’t as long or painful as people would have you believe, and in this article, we will explore the benefits of replacing a missing tooth, and what can happen as a result of not getting your missing tooth replaced.


What can happen if I don’t replace my tooth?

If you do not replace a missing tooth, you will suffer long term issues with both your oral and overall well-being. The teeth surrounding the gap will, over a period of time, slowly move towards each other to fill in the gap left. This condition is known as malocclusion, where the teeth are not properly in alignment with one another.

At first, malocclusion may not seem like too big of a deal. However, this condition can lead to you developing and over bite or crossbite, causing extra strain and pressure on your jaw, along with difficulty chewing and an increased risk of tooth decay developing. This can only be resolved through using treatments such as braces and surgery, which can be very costly – even more so than the initial replacement of the missing tooth.

Problems with chewing doesn’t only affect your mouth, but can also lead to digestive problems, including acid reflux and even malnutrition, due to the fact that the food has not been broken down properly when eating. You may also suffer with bone loss in the jaw bone as a result of the missing tooth. This occurs when the bone tissue is not receiving the support required from the tooth and eventually weakens over time. This can result in the misshaping of your face, such as sagging, because your jaw bone has weakened.


How can I replace my missing tooth?

Replacing a tooth has a reputation for being a slow and painful procedure. However, whilst this may be true in the past, advancements in medicine and dentistry means that replacing a tooth is no longer the torturous experience, which it has been previously labelled as.

The most common and popular treatment for tooth replacements is dental implants. In short, dental implants are comprised of a titanium screw, which is fitted to the jaw where the tooth used to be, and covered with a crown or denture.

The process involved with replacing a tooth, taking around as little as 3 months to see it completed. This is to allow the necessary time need for your mouth to heal and adjust to the titanium screw fitted, before the crown can be placed on top to cover it. However, you can be fitted with a temporary crown so you can eat and use your mouth as normal.

After the process is completed, your mouth will feel healthy and normal again! It is really important to immediately go to an emergency dentist if you have lost a tooth, or book an appointment with your dentist if you have any concerns regarding your oral health.


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