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Is a manual or electric toothbrush the best?

Depending what you read and where you hear it, you may get a slightly different version as to whether manual or electric toothbrushes are better.

As dentists we generally recommend that electric toothbrushes are to be favoured over manual, because they give an effective all-round clean.

That doesn’t mean to say however that manual toothbrushes are no good or do not work.

The emphasis and point about cleaning your teeth is the way you do it is what counts, rather than what you actually do it with. Even so, we know some people still have preferences for one or the other and in this article we’ll take a look and evaluate both.



1) As they can reach more areas, they are more effective at removing plaque and therefore enhance the teeth cleaning routine.


2) Electric toothbrushes are better for people who struggle with mobility (e.g. those with arthritis or disability.) Essentially the toothbrush does the work and you only have to guide it.



1) Electric toothbrushes are always more expensive than manual ones, and depending on the specification, can cost extra money. Some people find this a step too much.


2) Electric toothbrushes need to be charged or batteries replaced when worn. This can be a bit inconvenient, especially if you are travelling away from home or when you are in a rush and your toothbrush suddenly stops working.




1) Manual toothbrushes are easy to pick up because they exist in main places we visit everyday – supermarkets, pharmacies, even petrol stations.


2) Manual toothbrushes are much cheaper so from a monetary perspective, they are available for all.



1) As already mentioned, if the brushing technique is underdeveloped or not fully understood, this can lead to inadequate brushing mean vital parts of the mouth are missed.


2) Studies have found that there is a tendency for people to brush much harder when using a manual rather than electric toothbrush, therefore increasing the risk of damaging gums.


We have purposely come up with two benefits and two drawbacks to each kind of toothbrush to avoid making the article bias and so you can decide yourself which you think is best based on the facts.


Are you a manual or electric toothbrush fan?


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