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What is Botox and is this everyone’s best kept secret?

Botulinum Toxin, otherwise known as ‘Botox’ is the controversial, yet ever so popular treatment for fighting those lines. Undoubtedly Botox still remains the most effective and fastest working, anti-wrinkle treatment to date. What was once used only by celebs for wrinkle removal, is becoming more mainstream and affordable. In a world driven by social media, a culture of selfie taking men and women, yes men including, are under increased pressure to look like their real-life filters. The wrinkle removal treatment taboo exists as it defies the natural aging process and typically depicts the over-frozen expressionless housewife. The truth is your forehead can still be smooth yet movable and that’s the trick. However, not everyone wants to own up to a little help in the aesthetic department especially if it means them looking younger than their friends and truth behold there’s only so much that ‘magic’ face cream will do. On the other hand, wrinkle removal treatments such as Botox and fillers are the latest accessory in some age groups with celebs such as Kim Kardashian who publicly endorsed the treatment.

Does it really work and is it youth in a bottle?

Botox is derived from the bacterium Clostridum which can be used to relax wrinkles. As we age we lose tone and the natural elasticity of the skin. This prevents recoiling of the skin which leads to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and folds. Botox inhibits impulses to facial muscles causing the muscles to relax reducing the prominence of expression lines thereby achieving smoother skin and a more youthful radiant look.

The best time to consider having Botox is when you begin to notice that your lines which appear through expression. This can appear as early as in your 20’s but if left untreated begin to become notice regardless of expression even when static. There is no ‘right time’ to start wrinkle removal treatments as the ageing process differs from person to person dependant on genetic and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, stress, smoking and other environmental factors. Remember prevention is better than cure. These muscles are constantly working, making those lines deeper and more difficult to treat later if used at the right time it can avoid more invasive cosmetic treatments such as surgery.

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